Stunner: Kutcher’s Show Shares Pro-Life Message

'The three of us, we'll make a great family,' says the lead character in what some are calling a 'revolutionary' episode

Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher’s character actually promoted a pro-life message in a recent episode of a Netflix original series.

Kutcher, 39 — a well-known liberal Democrat — plays “Colt” in the show “The Ranch.” During the premiere of its third season, Colt’s girlfriend gets pregnant — and wants to have an abortion.

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Yet Kutcher’s character advocates for life and for keeping the child.

“I want you to know this kid will absolutely be my first priority,” Colt tells Heather (played by Kelli Goss), who by then is his ex-girlfriend. “You — you’re going to be a great mom. And I’m going to be a great dad. And the three of us, we’ll make a great family.”

There are complications, of course.

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“I made up my mind,” the 23-year-old ex-girlfriend tells Colt.

“This is wrong,” says Colt. “You can’t just take the easy way out.”

Colt’s dad advises him that perhaps Heather will “come around and do the right thing” — while Colt’s mother says the decision is “Heather’s choice.”

Colt and Heather wind up at an abortion clinic together — and ultimately choose to keep the baby.

Journalist Katie Yoder with Media Research Center’s NewsBusters called the episode “revolutionary.”

Ben Travers, a TV critic at IndieWire, seems to imply that men play no role in the debate over abortion.

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“‘The Ranch’ doesn’t follow through on its admirable setup,” he wrote. “After a long wait at the clinic, Heather says she can’t go through with it and decides to keep the baby. It’s a bit of a cop-out — both thematically and narratively.”

Perhaps not surprisingly, many media outlets did not pick up on, or mention, the show’s pro-life plug. Only a handful of sites — including MRC’s NewsBusters, The Christian Post, and IndieWire — appeared to cover the episode.

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Kutcher, who is also the show’s executive producer, says the issues presented aren’t “cut-and-dried and simple.” “What this show gets to do is unpack these issues in a different way — and empower people to laugh while exploring them,” he told Parade in a recent interview.

In his private life, the pro-life point of view has also emerged recently. Last year, when Kutcher’s wife, Mila Kunis, 33, was pregnant with their second child, she described the pregnancy in pro-life terms.

“I do have a human inside,” she told Kelly Ripa on “Live with Kelly” in July 2016.

Their first child, Wyatt, a daughter, was born in 2014; their son, Dmitri, was born in November 2016.

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