New Commercial Calls for Aiding Christians in the Middle East

The Knights of Columbus is attempting to help a disappearing faith community in Iraq

A well-known charitable organization is calling for the support of Christians living in the Middle East, at a time that radical Islamic extremists continue to target religious minorities in the region.

“While the genocidal ‘religious cleansing’ of Christians continues in Syria, ISIS has now stepped up its efforts in Egypt,” Carl Anderson, the Knights of Columbus CEO, wrote in an op-ed published on Real Clear Politics. (The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic fraternal charity organization.)

“These minority communities of Christians could face extinction without our help.”

In one of many recent examples, extreme terrorists killed dozens of Coptic Christians in Egypt who were traveling to pray at an ancient monastery last week. In Egypt, ISIS also bombed two Coptic Christian churches on Palm Sunday of this year.

“Having succeeded in decimating the Christian populations in Iraq and Syria, the recurrent attacks on Coptic Christians are clearly designed to do one thing: drive out one of the last substantial Christian [communities] in the Middle East,” Anderson wrote.

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ISIS has killed people from other religious minority groups and even other Muslims. In Baghdad, Iraq, this week, ISIS militants killed several dozen people.

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The Knights of Columbus released a digital and TV ad urging people to help the persecuted Christians in the Middle East.

“Genocide is an easy word compared to what’s happened to my people,” Father Douglas Bazi, who was previously kidnapped and tortured by terrorists in Iraq, says in the commercial. The Knights of Columbus also set up a Christian refugee relief fund.

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“Three years after ISIS rolled through their country, these minority communities of Christians could face extinction without our help, and if they disappear, the chance for a pluralism and tolerance of minorities will be increasingly lost in that country,” Anderson said in a statement.

The Knights of Columbus ad can be seen below:

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“But the genocide — and the Christian flight it generated — has continued,” Anderson wrote in Real Clear Politics. “Even in Iraq where Christians fled to the safety of Kurdistan, the conditions on the ground mean that ISIS’ dream of a Christian-free zone in the Middle East is being realized.”

“The time to act is now,” Anderson said.

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