Nancy Unhinged: Pelosi Hurls Wild Accusations at Trump

Democratic House leader suggests the president is disloyal, unfit and authoritarian

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) ripped President Donald Trump on Friday with one wild accusation after another.

Speaking to reporters on Capitol Hill, Pelosi said she is worried about the president’s fitness for office, falsely claimed employment has declined and accused him without explanation of authoritarian behavior and undermining separation of powers.

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And, of course, of getting in bed with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“We can see that it’s seven months of failure,” she said, adding, “Our national security has been jeopardized by his attitude toward Putin, to put Putin on a pedestal.”

Pelosi criticized Trump for tweeting Friday about “false statements and lies” by fired FBI Director James Comey, who testified Thursday before the Senate Intelligence Committee. In her reckoning, Trump is not just wrong, but perhaps unstable.

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“The president’s fitness for office is something that is being called into question,” she said. “It takes a certain curiosity to learn the facts, to base your comments on evidence and data and truth. It takes a certain discipline to be able to prioritize what is important as we try to bring the country together … I’m very worried about his fitness.”

But it might be Pelosi herself whose fitness should be questioned. Her news conference was rambling and disjointed. At one point, she committed a Freudian slip when talking about Trump, saying, “President Bush tries to charm you.”

It is not the first time she’s referred to Trump as “President Bush.” She’s done it several times in the past.

Pelosi’s critique of the president ranged from paranoid to unverified to demonstrably false.

“In terms of economic security, where are the jobs? The election was about jobs, jobs, jobs. He promised jobs. What has he done? He’s been a jobs loser.”

On foreign policy, she said Trump “has flirted with the idea of not enforcing or expanding any sanctions against Russia in terms of their aggressive military behavior in Europe.”

Pelosi also hit Trump on jobs.

“In terms of economic security, where are the jobs?” she demanded. “The election was about jobs, jobs, jobs. He promised jobs. What has he done? He’s been a jobs loser.”

The facts refute that. Since February, Trump’s first full month in office, the U.S. economy has added 682,000 jobs and the unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest mark since 2001. As of the end of April, the government’s Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey showed more than 6 million job openings — an all-time high.

Pelosi painted Trump as a near-dictator.

“He is undermining the system of checks and balances, of separation of power,” she said, without explaining how.

Trump also undermines freedom of the press, Pelosi said.

“He tries to undermine the balance of powers within the government, undermine the freedom of the press outside the Congress. You are the guardians of the democracy,” she said, speaking directly to the reporters in the room. “Your freedom of expression — whether we agree with it or not — is to be respected. Authoritarians want to suppress the press. And that’s what we see here.”

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Again, Pelosi offered no evidence to back up the charge. Trump has not yanked broadcast licenses or shut down opposition newspapers. He has aggressively pushed back against coverage and news outlets he considers unfair — taking advantage of the same First Amendment that protects the journalists.

For good measure, Pelosi took an over-the-top swipe at the House-passed health reform bill, calling it “a job killer and a person killer, in fact.”

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