While most people will be getting together with family and friends and celebrating the birthday of our great nation, filmmaker Michael Moore has different plans altogether.

“I call upon EVERYONE to observe this 4th of July week by nonviolently storming the local offices of your Senators, pack town halls, RISE UP!” Moore tweeted on Wednesday.

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He continued in this vein by taking issue with the potential of an Obamacare repeal in the near future.

“The Snakes of the Senate languishing in their pit, unable to attack the millions of sick, elderly & newborn. The Resistance lives to fight on,” he wrote. “They now scurry home 2 ‘celebrate’ the birthday of the country & its people they despise so much. They’ll quietly regroup w/ rich backers…”

He added (in all caps as shown, both here and above), “THIS IS YOUR COUNTRY. If just one person is being denied health care then we are all denied. We are all being attacked! ALL HANDS ON DECK!”

Moore seems to be confused about the way Obamacare works — as many people have lost their insurance and many still remain uninsured despite former President Barack Obama’s false promise of providing cheap and affordable health insurance to all Americans.

As usual — Moore is a hypocritical opportunist. While millions upon millions suffer and struggle, he has been profiting heavily in both fame and money from his “resistance.”

He made a documentary last year called “Michael Moore in TrumpLand,” and he even has an upcoming Broadway show and television series that will revolve around his criticism of the president.

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All of this comes after Moore stayed almost completely silent during Barack Obama’s eight years in office. That’s despite the fact that the former president did plenty that should have concerned a younger Moore — someone who protested the wars and claimed he was keeping politicians accountable. Turns out he only has an interest in accountability for those who aren’t Democrats.

On a day when most people should be, and will be, uniting and taking a break from the vicious polarization in this country — Moore is encouraging more of it.