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Look at the Surprise This Navy Husband Received

The moment an expectant wife surprised her returning Navy husband with news of their latest addition has gone viral on Facebook. Chris Daugherty, who was returning from deployment aboard the USS Carl Vinson, was greeted in San Diego by his young children and wife, Natasha, who was holding a “Welcome Home Baby Daddy” sign to hide her bump.

After hugging and kissing his children, Daugherty headed toward his wife, who then dropped the sign to reveal the secret she had been keeping throughout his six-month deployment.

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“Is this real?” Daugherty asks, before touching her stomach.

More than 11,000 people have viewed the touching June 23 moment, which then sees Daugherty break into a huge smile before kissing Natasha.

A special welcome-home and gender-reveal party was later hosted in their honor. After popping a few balloons, the Daughertys discovered they were expecting a girl.

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The baby, which is expected to arrive in late August, will be the couple’s fourth child.

This article originally appeared in Fox News [2] and is used by permission.

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