Left Melts Down on Eve of Trump Paris Accord Decision

Liberals launch last-minute campaign of fear, intimidation in favor of climate agreement

President Donald Trump is likely to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement, and the Left, the media, and many others are not taking it well.

“Trump bailing on the Paris Agreement would be a middle finger to the future,” wrote John D. Sutter, an opinion columnist, on CNN.

“If the United States bails on the Paris Agreement … it would be a middle finger to the future … Three-quarters of all known species could disappear in a couple [of] centuries.”

That was the headline.

“If the United States bails on the Paris Agreement on climate change, as CNN is reporting, the results could be catastrophic both for this country and the planet. It would be a middle finger to the future,” Sutter wrote.

But the hysteria did not stop there. Sutter wrote that life on Earth was on the verge of collapse.

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“I’ve talked with biologists who say we are on the verge of Earth’s sixth mass extinction event, with climate change being a major driver,” wrote Sutter. “Without massive changes, three-quarters of all known species could disappear in a couple [of] centuries.”

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Trump is also taking heat from some of his own allies — if they could be called that.

On Wednesday, billionaire Elon Musk tweeted that he will quit Trump’s business councils if Trump withdraws the United States from the climate accord.

In a tweeted response to a user, Musk said if Trump withdraws, he “[w]ill have no choice but to depart councils in that case.”

Musk co-founded Paypal and owns SpaceX and Tesla, the electric car company. He advocates for alternative energy and space exploration and tunnels under main roads in Southern California to increase capacity for traffic.

The Paris Agreement would keep carbon emissions at 56 billion tons annually, primarily by avoiding the use of natural resources, what The Heritage Foundation said amounts to “a push for un-development of the civilized world.”

Climate experts believe the average global temperature could rise by 2 degrees Celsius if carbon emissions are not cut down. Carbon emissions come mainly from power plants and automobiles. Restricting emissions would mean more costs for buyers of power and automobiles, because of stricter and more expensive technologies to create power or combustion.

Those restrictions would raise power costs by about 20 percent for the average U.S. household. Sen. Rand Paul said last week that the accord could result in the loss of 6 million American jobs and would cost more than $3 trillion.

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Oren Cass of National Review wrote that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology compiled the Paris accord’s pledges and compared them with its projections.

“It found a temperature reduction by 2100 of only 0.2 Celsius,” he wrote.

The last-minute flurry of TV ads, criticisms and Musk’s threat are seen as an attempt to sway Trump from his campaign pledge, as well as from adviser Steve Bannon’s influence. But it may be too late.

President Trump is scheduled to make an announcement about the Paris accord at 3 p.m. on Thursday in a Rose Garden ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House.

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