Here’s How a Clinic Advised an Alleged Minor to Get an Abortion

Listen to this shocking undercover audio — 'you don't need your parents' consent'

A Texas abortion facility referred an anonymous, undercover caller — posing as a 15-year-old who did not wish to obtain parental consent for an abortion — to a clinic in New Mexico where state laws would allow the girl to have an abortion on her own.

The caller originally tried to get an appointment at Hill Top Women’s Reproductive Clinic in El Paso, Texas; she said she did not want to inform her parents. Texas law requires parental consent for abortions for minors.

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The worker said the caller must bring a parent along in order to get an abortion at the Texas facility — but didn’t hesitate to refer her to another clinic where such permission wasn’t necessary.

“Without hesitation the abortion facility worker refers the young girl to their ‘other clinic location in Santa Teresa,'” Bud Shaver of the organization Abortion Free New Mexico wrote. The location in Santa Teresa in New Mexico is 11 miles from downtown El Paso, according to the clinic’s website.

Shaver and his wife, Tara Shaver, work as “pro-life missionaries” for the same organization in New Mexico.

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“Abortion Free New Mexico released the undercover tape, part three in a six-part series exposing the New Mexico abortion industry,” Claire Chretien of LifeSite News reported on Monday.

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The facility worker informed the girl that the same doctor worked at both clinics.

“New Mexico has become the place where abortionist Franz Theard, who owns two abortion facilities, one in El Paso, [Texas], and the other in Santa Teresa, [New Mexico], is circumventing reasonable Texas laws that were enacted to protect minors from sexual abuse,” Shaver wrote.

Upon calling the New Mexico clinic, the undercover caller was about to set up an appointment.

“You don’t need your parents’ consent,” a New Mexico Hill Top employee told the caller. “It’s going to be $430. You can pay cash. We take Visa, MasterCard, Discover.”

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Tara Shaver said minors are often victims of sexual abuse.

“Hill Top Women’s Reproductive Clinic is yet another example of abortion providers in New Mexico who ignore the best interests of minors who seek out an abortion,” Tara Shaver said in a statement. “Minors are vulnerable and often the victims of sexual abuse. Franz Theard is enabling sexual predators when he purposefully takes advantage of New Mexico’s lack of common-sense laws and circumvents the reasonable limitations of Texas.”

Approximately 390,000 abortions have taken place in the United States this year.

“Contraceptive use is a key predictor of whether a woman will have an abortion. In 2011, the very small group of American women who were at risk of experiencing an unintended pregnancy but were not using contraceptives accounted for the majority of abortions,” according to research from the Guttmacher Institute, a research and policy organization devoted to advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights. “Many of these women did not think they would get pregnant or had concerns about contraceptive methods.”

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