Four Celebrities Who Suggested Violence Against the President

Whatever happened to the standards of political discourse in this great country of ours?

Many critics of the current administration seem to have put aside all reasonable standards of decency and respect these days. It’s sad.

Liberals have not only reached new lows in their attempts to delegitimize President Donald Trump, but some have outright threatened violence against him — something just not done against a president before this polarizing year. There’s even a play now in New York City that openly depicts the killing of Trump in a “creative” setting.

[lz_ndn video=32146987]

It’s no surprise that many of the threats of violence have come from a place where there is little open support for the president: Hollywood.

Here’s a look at four celebrities who have threatened or in some way suggested violence against our president — certain of whom have been investigated by the Secret Service for questionable actions and statements about him. (go to page 2 to continue reading)

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