Just Five Scents Can Make You Very Happy

Guess which instantly bring to mind freshness, flavor, brightness, color — and nostalgia?

Did you know that scent can directly influence your emotions?

Believe it or not, scent can influence your emotions — and evoke different emotions.

Scent is the sense that is most closely tied to memory. And a whiff of a specific smell can bring us back to a wonderful time in our lives.

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Check out just a few that work really well.

1.) Citrus. This scent instantly brings to mind freshness, flavor, brightness and color. Fruit is known as nature’s candy and has many natural benefits that the earth has to offer. And the smell of citrus will perk you up and make you feel energized for the day.

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2.) Cinnamon. The scent of cinnamon is a great way to stay focused. If you need to study for a big exam or if you need to learn facts and figures for an important meeting, this is the scent for you. Try burning a cinnamon candle, as this will help to sharpen your mind. Cinnamon is derived from the clove tree, which is known for many medicinal properties that benefit mental health!

3.) Vanilla. Many of us love the scent of vanilla. It instantly elevates our mood and reminds us of tasty treats. Even though the scent of vanilla is not a treat to eat, it helps to release endorphins, which makes us feel better.

4.) Pine. The scent of pine is comforting as it reminds us of the holiday season. It is also calming and refreshing at the same time. It makes us feel “homey,” and that is proven to alleviate stress and help with a better sense of peace of mind.

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5.) Fresh-cut grass. The scent of freshly cut green grass makes us feel joyful. This is because it reminds us of “the good old days,” when we didn’t have a care in the world. As children, we rolled around in the grass, played in the yard with friends, and ran through the sprinklers on a hot summer day. Lovely memories indeed.

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