Five Healthier Food Options You Can’t Overlook

You may not have heard of these — but check them out to spice up your diet for all the right reasons

Sometimes you can’t help but grow tired of the same meals day after day. And it might be difficult to discern what is a healthy and tasty option in your local grocery store, depending on what’s offered.

Lifestyle experts have shared these five items that might be flying under the radar for many of us — but shouldn’t be. They’re delicious and much healthier than a lot of other options out there. Head to the store and swap out these tasty treats for your boring food today.

1.) Erewhon and Peace Organic Cereals vs. sugar-coated corn flakes. The days of sugar-coated corn flakes are long gone. Instead, try a healthier Erewhon cereal such as Cranberry Chia Granola. It is non-GMO, gluten-free and certified organic. After all, since the late 1960s Erewhon has been uncompromising in the commitment to provide foods and products that change the lives of its customers.

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2.) Kite Hill Almond Yogurt vs. traditional dairy yogurt.Why not substitute traditional dairy yogurt with Kite Hill almond milk yogurt? This yogurt is plant-based and not dairy. And dairy has been known to cause mucus buildup, whereas almond milk does not. Besides, it tastes terrific. And we love that it comes in a variety of flavors such as peach, blueberry, and key lime pie.

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Today, Kite Hill represents much more than artisanal almond milk products. Kite Hill stands for the very best-tasting alternative dairy products made with the simplest ingredients using traditional methods — from artisanal delicacies, nut milk yogurts, and cream cheese-style spreads to entrées and even desserts.

3.) Living Intentions Popcorn vs. potato chips.  Stop eating junk food potato chips and instead, try Living Intentions Popcorn. This tasty treat contains vitamins, minerals and enzymes. It also has probiotics and is ideal for a healthier lifestyle than bingeing on chips.

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4.) ZUPA NOMA vs. dry instant soup. Those old, dry packets of instant soup are from the Dark Ages. Instead, try Zupas Soup. It’s a natural soup that uses only farm-fresh, organic veggies of the highest quality. These super-food soups are also super-nutritious.

In each of these culinary-inspired flavors, you’ll find four-plus servings of whole, organic vegetables — seasoned perfectly and enhanced with powerhouse ingredients that the company sources from as close to home as possible.

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5.) Good Pops vs. traditional sorbet. Traditional sorbet might be refreshing, but why not try Good Pops? They’re all-natural, all-organic popsicles made with fresh fruit and 100 percent organic fair-trade cane sugar.

Good Pop’s wholesome, mouth-watering frozen treats have expanded to over 1,500 grocery stores in 40-plus states and is now one of the fastest-growing natural frozen-novelty brands in the country.

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