Five of Cinema’s Most Famous Guns

Recognize some of these weapons from the big screen? They each have their place in film history

Some firearms owe their enduring popularity to the films that have shown them off. On the big screen, some weapons have had the opportunity to “star” as extensions of the heroes, almost, to be the tools by which wrongs are righted and bad guys are vanquished.

Some firearms even end up being bigger stars than the actors themselves.

And for the record: By highlighting these famous guns from films, we’re not saying these movies influenced anyone to grab a gun and go out and act violently — that’s absurd, but in today’s highly politicized gun culture it’s something that unfortunately needs to be said.

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The fact is, the vast majority of gun owners operate firearms safely and responsibly — and some movies can be the window through which somebody first steps foot onto a firing range and pops off a few rounds.

Here’s a look at five famous guns from movie history.

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1.) .44 Magnum, “Dirty Harry.” How could this canon of a revolver not be on the list? “Dirty Harry” not only showed off a gun as bullheaded, lean and mean as its protagonist, but it dedicated its most memorable bit of dialogue to the gun.

Nobody forgets the .44 Magnum thanks to that sharp writing — and nobody forgets that it’s Detective Harry Callahan saying it’s “the most powerful handgun in the world.”

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