As our society becomes more secular and crass — and as headlines become more and more disturbing, such as the frightening shooting that targeted lawmakers and their aides at a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia — one of the places it shows up most and surprises us is in the media.

The Media Research Council recently published a survey declaring that the majority of network television and cable outlets present negative material about President Donald Trump as much as 90 percent of the time.

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The reason some reporters “cook their stories” is that they disrespect the law, and their bias inhibits them from telling the truth. It starts with how they have no basis for objective, third-party unchanging standards for judging truth — such as the Bible — upon which our country was founded.

Media reporters without a basis for judging truth make up their own stories that may have nothing to do with the truth. In fact, they may be completely crafted for the sake of advocacy journalism that is anti-God, or may fulfill a desire to tell stories that fit their worldview and desire for humanistic change.

Occasionally, an “artist” will present something to shock us and get publicity for his “cause.” It is necessary we view such ideas as coming from a mind so depraved that some would diagnose it as crazy.

The real thoughts of the mind and heart behind the so-called “art” or “joke” depiction from comedian Kathy Griffin shows us the outworking of heart-borne hatred. By denigrating President Trump and distributing a picture of a decapitated, bloody head of our president, Griffin was showing her desire for the president to be killed in an ISIS-style method. It could not be taken as anything other than hatred to the point of wishing for the president’s death — at least that’s what the Secret Service believed when its officers went knocking on Griffin’s door.

While the liberal comic destroyed her own career because of her hatred and had all of her booked performances and TV shows canceled, she blamed President Trump and his family for her self-inflicted wounds.

That’s not the way life works.

Even though she apologized because the reaction to her stunt was quick and vociferous even from left-leaning Hollywood types, her actions were like driving a nail into a board. If you pull it out, you still have to deal with the ugly hole left in it. (go to page 2 to continue reading) [lz_pagination]