‘Wonder Woman’ Actress: Motherhood Is the True Superpower

New movie debuts June 2, but the star has a personal focus we all know well

Gal Gadot is taking over the big screen as Wonder Woman, and she told Fox News about being a real-life superhero to her two children.

“I try to do my best all the time,” she said about raising her daughters. “I’m exhausted. I just don’t sleep as much as before and that’s it. I can only do my best and love them the best I can.”

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The Israeli-born singer also addressed criticism that “Wonder Woman” focuses on gender issues.

“We just don’t give attention to gender,” she explained, saying that the movie was not just a movie about gender. “The win would be when people don’t talk about gender. That is when we know we won. And that is how we approached it in the film. In the film, Wonder Woman is completely oblivious [to] everything that goes with gender. You and I — we are all the same.”

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Chris Pine, who plays Wonder Woman’s love interest in the film, said this is simply a film promoting a good story.

“It’s a great film,” he said. “I think what’s great is that I have seen little boys dressed up as Wonder Woman and this whole talk of being non-binary and all of that I think it’s awesome. As long as it’s a good story that promotes something positive I think is a story for everyone.”

“Wonder Woman” hits theaters June 2.

This Fox News article is used with permission.

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