The Miss USA Contestants You Need to Know

These six women's extraordinary stories are worth noting, ahead of the pageant on Sunday night

Women representing all 50 states and the District of Columbia are gearing up to showcase their talents at the 2017 Miss USA Competition this weekend — but only one will win the coveted crown.

The glitzy tournament, which takes place live on Sunday night from Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, will highlight a diverse lineup of ladies all with unique talents that best exemplify their hometown. However, a select few have quickly made their mark.

Here’s who we’ll be keeping an eye on as the competition kicks off:

Dinaleigh Baxter, Miss Ohio

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Dinaleigh Baxter had an infection that almost killed her while she was in college. The 24-year-old suffered congestive heart failure, prompting her organs to begin shutting down. While doctors only gave her a 30 percent chance of living, she survived and now owns five tech LLCs. These days, Baxter is pursuing a law degree at Chase Law School in Northern Kentucky University and hopes to bring home the crown to show others in Ohio that women can achieve anything, despite challenges that may come their way.[lz_pagination]

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