Here’s Why ‘SNL’ Never Hired Rosie O’Donnell

Cast member Leslie Jones claims showrunner thought the comedian would operate from 'hate'

It seemed a perfect fit when Rosie O’Donnell first took to Twitter in February to suggest she should play White House chief strategist Steve Bannon on “Saturday Night Live,” a show that has become Trump-obsessed and caters to a virtually exclusive leftist crowd.

Cast member Leslie Jones revealed in a recent Hollywood Reporter interview that O’Donnell was not hired because she would have played her role “from hate.”

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“When you’re playing a character, you can’t play it from hate,” Jones revealed that producer Lorne Michaels had told her when she asked why O’Donnell had not been given the Bannon gig. “You have to play it from funny, because when you play it from hate, it looks like you’re just being mean.”

It’s an ironic statement, since so many people have accused the show in recent months of turning sour and mean, too blinded by its dislike for the president and all conservatives to produce true satire.

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A recent episode of “SNL” fat-shamed Sarah Huckabee Sanders (something even a CNN anchor pointed out) and also made a “joke” about the president and press secretary Sean Spicer engaging in a sexual relationship. Using a homosexual act as the platform to attack someone is something conservatives would never get away with — they’d immediately be called on it. “SNL” was also the former employer of a writer who “joked” during the January inauguration that Barron Trump would be the country’s first homeschool shooter.

It’s strange the show drew the line at Rosie, who wanted the job so badly she even posted a photoshopped image of her own face melded with that of Bannon’s. The decision to not hire O’Donnell proves just how delusional “SNL” really is. It thinks it’s being fair — and not coming from a place of divisive bias. It believes there’s a difference between it and Twitter trolls like O’Donnell. News flash: There’s not.

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“SNL” has gone from being true satire that took on the culture and all sides of political debate to just another arm of the leftist echo chamber. Liberal public figures are just unwilling to accept a world in which anyone but a Democrat holds office.

After all, you can’t air something like this and then claim to be anything but a pro-PAC for the Democratic Party.

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