Six Films That Have Flopped in 2017

Hollywood, usually so full of hubris, can't deny it's already suffered some seriously embarrassing losses

How some Hollywood studios manage to stay afloat is anyone’s guess. Films are becoming bigger and bigger investments, even as streaming is becoming the preferred method of viewing, and foreign box office is overtaking American totals.

In today’s world of filmmaking, with mid-budget movies all but gone, nearly everything released is an expensive gamble at starting a franchise and appealing to the biggest worldwide audience possible. Frequently, it doesn’t work out.

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This year alone has already seen some heavy losses on the part of Hollywood. The most recent box office loser was the new “King Arthur” movie, which opened to less than $20 million on a $175 million production budget.

Here’s a look at five of the other biggest flops of the year so far and their major financial losses for investors.

“The Great Wall,” $75 million loss. The only memorable thing about this movie will likely be Matt Damon’s awful hairdo. (See the images at the top of this article!) The film was meant to have equal appeal in both China and America, as it was set on the Great Wall of China, and it had an almost entirely Asian cast led by Damon.

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The fantasy war film turned off audiences from the first bizarre trailer. The $150 million production came and went quickly in America, taking in only $45.2 million. Chinese audiences were more forgiving and helped the worldwide total lift to $332 million, but that wasn’t enough to save this financial disaster. The Hollywood Reporter predicted the film could lose as much as $75 million for investors in the end, thanks to an expensive production and promotional campaign.

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