Pundits Hammer Hillary’s Post-Election Blame Game

Commentators 'shocked' Clinton so reluctant to take personal responsibility

Having finally emerged from a self-imposed, post-election hibernation, Hillary Clinton looked to place blame for her loss on everyone and everything other than the obvious culprit — herself.

“If the election had been on October 27, I would be your president,” Clinton said on Tuesday. But, to hear Clinton tell it, Russians hackers and FBI Director James Comey went and ruined everything.

“Jim Comey didn’t tell her not to campaign in Wisconsin after the convention.”

Indeed, even though Clinton made the motion of taking “absolute personal responsibility,” she made it clear that she doesn’t truly believe she is to blame for her loss.

“I was on the way to winning until the combination of Jim Comey’s letter on October 28 and Russian WikiLeaks raised doubts in the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me but got scared off — and the evidence for that intervening event is, I think, compelling [and] persuasive,” Clinton said.

She also blamed misogyny and alleged “false equivalencies” pushed by the mainstream media. Unfortunately for Clinton, even commentators on left-leaning talk shows and former supporters are not convinced.

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“This is the most unimpressed I’ve been with Hillary Clinton,” said Jedediah Bila on ABC’s “The View.” “Every time I see her do an interview, I’m waiting for a moment where she just doesn’t blame anyone but herself and acknowledges why they lost,” Bila said.

“The reason why she lost was that her foreign policy at the State Department was a disaster. Her intervention in Libya led to terrorist havens and the infiltration of ISIS. She lost because she picked a bad vice presidential candidate. She didn’t do proper groundwork in states like Wisconsin, in states like Michigan, in states like Pennsylvania. She lied to people!” said Bila.

“I tend to agree,” said Bila’s co-host, Sara Haines. “I was a little shocked when I saw her say that at first … that out of the gates her answer was the Russian thing and Comey,” said Haines.

David Axelrod, former chief strategist for President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign, was equally as unimpressed. While Axelrod acknowledged that Comey’s letter may have had some small effect on the outcome, he did not seem to think it was nearly as important as Clinton insisted.

“Jim Comey didn’t tell her not to campaign in Wisconsin after the convention. Jim Comey didn’t say don’t put any resources into Michigan until the final week of the campaign,” Axelrod continued.

“One of the things that hindered her in the campaign was a sense that she never fully was willing to take responsibility for her mistakes, particularly that server,” he said. It seems she is still plagued by the same problem.

“She said the words, ‘I’m responsible,’ but everything else suggested she doesn’t really feel that way,” Axelrod said. “And I don’t think that helps her in the long run.”

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