Polish Government Rips Macron for ‘Improper’ Tirade

French presidential candidate causes diplomatic incident with anti-populist rant

The establishment media paint French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron as a moderate “centrist,” but an ideological tirade launched by the former Goldman Sachs partner this week sparked a diplomatic incident.

What was designed to be an attack on his right-wing populist opponent quickly became a diplomatic spat after Macron condemned national-conservative leaders across Europe. Macron named the leaders of several European nations.

“Anyone who knows the history and Poland’s internal situation has no right to accuse Poles of affinity toward imperial Russia.”

“We all know who [Marine] Le Pen’s allies are: the regimes of [Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor] Orban, [Polish Law and Justice Party chairman Jaroslaw] Kaczynski, [Russian President Vladimir] Putin,” Macron claimed on Monday. “These aren’t regimes with an open and free democracy. Every day they break many democratic freedoms.”

Both Poland and Hungary are European Union member nations and NATO members, along with France.

The Polish government was not amused, and Poland’s foreign ministry issued an official statement on Tuesday, slamming Macron’s comments.

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“Pointing to a supposed alliance between Le Pen and the leader of Law and Justice is a manipulation,” read the terse statement, referring to the leadership of the current governing party. “The inclusion of Jaroslaw Kaczynski in the ranks of ‘Le Pen’s friends who break numerous freedoms’ is improper and highly unsuitable,” it continued.

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“We also want to remind that anyone who knows the history and Poland’s internal situation has no right to accuse Poles of affinity towards imperial Russia,” the statement added.

The same Polish government which Macron has insinuated is excessively sympathetic to Putin’s government accused Putin’s government of the murder of Poland’s former president, Lech Kaczyński — Jaroslaw Kaczyński’s brother — in April of this year.

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