Oliver Stone Slams Dems’ Russia-Conspiracy Theories

Director says liberals are 'destroying the trust that exists between people and government ... it's a very dangerous position'

Director Oliver Stone may not be a fan of President Donald Trump — he voted for third-party candidate Jill Stein in 2016 — but he’s not too happy with Democrats, either.

Stone’s next film had him interviewing Russian President Vladimir Putin, and the “Platoon” director says the Russian conspiracy theories coming from the Left are not based in reality — and are dangerous.

“That’s an internal war of politics in the U.S. in which the Democratic Party has taken a suicide pact or something to blow him [Trump] up; in other words, to completely delegitimize him and in so doing blow up the U.S. essentially,” Stone recently told The Sydney Morning Herald. He was speaking about the liberal talking points about Russia’s supposed hacking the 2016 president election, which they claim gave Trump his victory.

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The filmmaker continued, “What they’re doing is destroying the trust that exists between people and government. It’s a very dangerous position to make accusations you cannot prove.”

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Stone, who last year released a movie about NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, called “Snowden,” said Americans need to take what their governments and politicians say with a grain of salt. “I think we’ve had a lot of false information.”

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He added, “In other words, the U.S. has been able, because of this technology, to say without any doubt Russia hacked the election. This is coming from who? From the intelligence agencies that are fighting against Russia with all their hearts and minds.”

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Stone said his next project will be focused on Putin. “It’s not a documentary as much as a question and answer session,” he said. “Mr. Putin is one of the most important leaders in the world and in so far as the United States has declared him an enemy — a great enemy — I think it’s very important we hear what he has to say.”

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Stone said of his own feelings about Putin, “He talks pretty straight.”

The director said he hopes some political positives come out of his upcoming film: “I think we did him the justice of putting [his comments] into a Western narrative that could explain their viewpoint in the hopes that it will prevent continued misunderstanding and a dangerous situation — on the brink of war.”

Stone, a veteran of the Vietnam War who won a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart, said he is most concerned about warmongering today, a subject in which he has not essentially seen his anti-war movies make a difference.

“I’ve done in my own work three Vietnam War films, three presidential-type films, one film on Central America, one economics film on Wall Street and so forth,” he said. “And in the matter of war, they’ve had no influence.”

He added, “It’s very frustrating to be a veteran of a war and have America not listening.”

“It’s very frustrating to be a veteran of a war and have America not listening.”

Stone also took time in the interview to stand up for an individual who quickly became a target and enemy of the Democratic Party in 2016 – Wikileaks Editor-in-Chief Julian Assange.

“For 10 years now he’s been a beacon of integrity and honesty,” Stone said. “He’s been very helpful to understand the world to those who pay attention.”

Stone said Assange is one of the main reasons he casts doubt on the conspiracy theories from liberals that Russia was behind emails being hacked and released from the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton in 2016.

“I hold Assange in high regard in many issues of state,” he said. “I take very seriously his statement that he received no information from Russia or any state actors.”

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