Seeing Is Believing, as These Motorcycle Riders Know

There's a reason this America-based sunglass company donates a portion of its sales to U.S. veteran groups

We’ve all seen the big, bad biker guys riding their motorcycles down the highway. I am not that big and really not that bad — but I do enjoy riding my Harley with my friends. There are not many things as exhilarating as cruising on a beautiful day with the wind in your face and the roar of your machine echoing around you.

One of the most important things about riding is protecting your eyes from bugs, gravel, or splashes from the road. Some people wear full-face helmets, but many of us like smaller helmets. So we usually turn to tough sunglasses for that protection.

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If you’re a full-size man, the average person’s sunglasses will eventually dig into your head and create little indents just above your ears. Thankfully, a fellow rider with the same problem and a little ingenuity created sunglasses to solve that problem.

Fatheadz Eyewear was founded in 2004 by Rico Elmore, its CEO. Elmore started the company after he searched through over 300 pairs of sunglasses — and could not find any that fit. He saw an opportunity and took the initiative to create a product that would fill that niche.

Fatheadz now has five distinct lines of eyewear for both men and women.

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“I am not college-educated,” Elmore told LifeZette, “but I am proud that I figured out how to start this company and have gotten it to the level it’s at now. I was told my idea was a bad one — but people were wrong. It did work. It is successful. And it will grow.”

Initially his company catered to men with heads too large to wear standard sunglasses comfortably. Since that first initial line, Fatheadz has grown to five distinct lines of eyewear for both men and women, and for all different-size heads.

As a U.S. Army veteran, I am proud to know that Fatheadz is donating a portion of every pair of sunglasses sold from its All-American V2.0 collection to Folds of Honor, which gives back to the spouses and children of soldiers killed or disabled in service to our country.

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“Not too many people in this country deserve to be taken care of more than our veterans, especially those who were injured in our wars,” said Elmore. “The military is near and dear to my heart. I know that the more I can grow my business, the more I can do for vets. I am not just talking about donating, but also about giving them good jobs. Veterans are priority hires for us.”

Although the company has been around and has donated to other charities for over a decade, its current focus on supporting Folds of Honor aligns with its recent “Made in America” undertaking.

As an American, I was glad to hear that Fatheadz manufactures its lenses and frames for the All-American version 2.0 sunglasses line here in the U.S. The company hopes this product line helps to serve as a catalyst in the American manufacturing renaissance. The timing coincides perfectly with President Donald Trump’s commitment to get more jobs back to this country.

The company hopes its product line serves as a catalyst in the American manufacturing renaissance.

Elmore participates in many events in the company’s headquarters city of Indianapolis and in other cities across the U.S. Fatheadz is also currently the presenting sponsor for the 2017 Indiana Sprint Car Series. He also goes one step further: “Our employees become part of our family. Because of that, we work with Pastor Chad Richardson of City View Church to help troubled employees in need with a faith-based rehabilitation program. We all have had issues — but we look past it and get them help.”

After doing more research on Fatheadz, I got a pair of its Black Nitro V2.0 sunglasses. They are very comfortable and don’t give me a headache after I wear them all day. The lenses are big enough to cover above and below my eyes to ensure nothing gets in them during a motorcycle ride.

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On the Fatheadz website, you can custom-order a pair from multiple choices of frame colors with different lens color options.

If you’ve suffered those headaches and indentations above your ear from your normal sunglasses, invest in a pair of Fatheadz. The difference will make you appreciate the purchase, since it’s helping others who have served our country.

John Cylc is an eight-year U.S. Army veteran and lives with his family in eastern Tennessee. His primary advocacy is promoting and protecting Second Amendment rights.

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