‘Last Man Standing’ Was Much Funnier Than ‘SNL’

Conservative comedy deserves to be on the air far more than NBC's so-called Saturday-night 'satire'

“Saturday Night Live” suffers from a bad case of elitism — and more and more, it seems there’s no cure for the agenda-driven show.

Comedians from George Carlin to Adam Sandler could tell you that today’s death of comedy goes hand-in-hand with elitism and talking down to audiences.

But that’s essentially the “SNL” formula at this point: Digest any headlines involving President Donald Trump, and then spit out political points thinly veiled as “jokes.” The show is more an extension of the Democratic Party today than a satirical-sketch show.

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Just take a look at this bit where the cast bid farewell to former President Barack Obama. Replace Obama’s image with Kim Jong-Un — and it seems you’re watching something straight from government-sanctioned North Korean television.

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One show that “Saturday Night Live” should take a few notes from is “Last Man Standing,” Tim Allen’s conservative sitcom, which was unfairly and suspiciously canceled after six seasons by ABC and Clinton donor-Disney CEO Bob Iger.

Despite following a Christian and political conservative and having a right-of-center bent, “Last Man Standing” was even-handed and never talked down to its audience. Allen’s character could be as satirized as the rest of the cast or world. His stuck-in-his-ways personality could be mocked and could grow as easily as the politically correct liberals that came into contact with him.

And the series did something “Saturday Night Live” has little chance of ever doing again: It appealed to the heartland of America.

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“Saturday Night Live” now caters to one political side and is so far left, it will probably never convince right-of-center people or Middle America to tune in. “Last Man Standing” did it week after week — and earned huge ratings and support doing so.

“Saturday Night Live” fans would also have to admit the show is bloated at an hour-and-a-half. Ending at one in the morning for the East Coast, the show essentially pats itself on the back while barking at viewers. For every one sketch that earns a chuckle, three more seem as if they’re written by humorless ogres trapped in a basement somewhere.

Even fans would have to admit the show is bloated.

Say what you will about laugh-track-infused sitcoms, but they do their job quickly and efficiently. The half hour “Last Man Standing” came in, made you laugh, made its point — and then left, leaving viewers with positive feelings that would stick.

“SNL” is essentially the opposite of “Last Man Standing.” The former promotes elitist, preachy comedy and has been rewarded for it with a huge promotion from NBC and a spinoff coming this summer. “Standing” earned big ratings, won its time slot, and managed to appeal to a large portion of America that is quickly tuning out from television. This show, however, was rewarded with a cancellation that no one seems to be able to plausibly justify. That’s Hollywood for you.

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