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The Most Ignorant Celebrity Memorial Day Tweet Ever

And the award for most cringeworthy, ignorant, and self-centered Memorial Day tweet from a celebrity goes to …

… Pitbull, the rapper from Miami, Florida, who refers to himself as “Mr. Worldwide.”

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Many fear that the gap between civilian and soldier has never been wider than it is today. With less than 1 percent of the population actively serving in the military, most people have little or no relationship to the service and sacrifice that a day like Memorial Day honors.

Pitbull proved this in spades with his pathetic tweet.

Responses to the picture in which the rapper seems to be thanking himself for his own service (whatever that is) did not sit well with people.

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Putting a smiling picture of yourself against an American flag with words thanking soldiers for dying displays an ignorance of the highest order. It proves the rapper’s words that came before were empty. This celeb needs to learn a thing or two about service and sacrifice. To Pitbull, we say — get a clue.