Should Boys Wear Skirts? One School’s ‘Answer’

It's a bombshell response to an increasing number of student questions about gender identity

When did the word “binary” become offensive? Since the dawn of man (if you’re an atheist) or the Garden of Eden (if you’re religious), there have been two genders. It was a binary choice.

For the scientific lot, if you have the XX chromosomes, you are a female. If you have the XY chromosomes, you are a male. This was even accepted culturally up until the past few years.

Now the PC crowd has given us terms such as agender, transgender, non-binary and pansexual. Apparently, we now need a reference book that is updated weekly to keep track of these ever-changing terms. Even LGBTQQIAPP is an actual acronym.

The school has a cross-dressing male student. And girls age 16 or over may apply to be acknowledged as boys or as gender-neutral.

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The world is turning from black-and-white into apparently thousands of shades of gray. Many of us who believe in traditional values have become greatly concerned this deviancy is being promoted to our youth.

Case in point: A prestigious private school in London, England — Highgate School — is seriously considering allowing boys to wear girls’ uniforms to school in the wake of student demands for “gender neutrality.”

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The school educates students who range in age from 3 to 18.

Oddly enough, Highgate promotes its Christian heritage and is affiliated with the Church of England. Its motto is “Higher through Prayer.” The school does welcome students, teachers, and administrative staff from other faiths.

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It also has a cross-dressing male student. And girls age 16 or over may apply to be acknowledged as boys or as gender-neutral.

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On top of all this, Highgate School will hold a conference next month called The Developing Teenager, “which will examine how teachers should approach issues raised by transgender and gender-neutral students,” as a report in the BBC noted.

These types of situations are lauded by the Left. Anytime children or young people seek to change genders, hold hands with the same sex or use profanity while criticizing any conservative — liberals and the media hold them up in celebration.

However, should children decide to pray in school, go hunting with responsible family members, or organize for a cause such as pro-life or pro-Trump — then the angry calls against those activities come swiftly and loudly from the Left.

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With the rare exception of hermaphrodites, there are two genders. One’s sexual proclivity or mental confusion does not change that fact.

There are no trades. There are no takebacks. There are no do-overs. You are a man or you are a woman.

John Cylc is an eight-year U.S. Army veteran and lives with his family in eastern Tennessee. His primary advocacy is promoting and protecting Second Amendment rights.

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