Actor Makes Shocking Confession About Hollywood’s Conservative Bias

More proof of Tinseltown's blacklisting of artists who think differently from the pack

There is a war in Hollywood right now against creative conservatives. Whether you’re a Donald Trump supporter or just right-of-center, evidence has clearly shown that Hollywood has out-and-out blacklisted those who disagree with their narrative.

A recent confession from comic and “Silicon Valley” actor Jimmy Yang confirmed this. Speaking on “The Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla Show” podcast this week, he touched on the controversial and confusing cancellation of the conservative-leaning sitcom, “Last Man Standing.”

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Yang said he had taken part in a recent discussion with a casting executive at “one of the studios” who confessed to plainly not hiring people for being Trump supporters.

“I do check the Instagrams to see if there’s anything weird, if they get drunk every day or if they’re a Trump supporter,” Yang remembered her saying to him, according to the Hollywood in Toto website. “Then, I don’t know. I would have a hard time…”

Yang revealed he questioned the casting executive, calling her actions that of a “bigot” — but it likely did little good. This is only the latest evidence in a long line of stories that should shock and enrage right-leaning artists everywhere.

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“Do the Right Thing” director Spike Lee admitted to removing a musician’s song from an upcoming soundtrack after he heard she had accepted an invitation to sing at Trump’s inauguration.

Producer Ann McElhinney revealed to LifeZette that her film about abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell was rejected for distribution by every major studio, as producers feared being connected to something that could be considered right-wing. This despite the fact that the movie has done phenomenally well with test audiences; it stars a major lead actor in Dean Cain, and it had a successful crowdfunding campaign that earned over $2 million.

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And how about Academy-Award nominated actor James Woods confessing on Twitter that he hasn’t and won’t receive the kind of work he once did due to his outspoken conservative political views?

Then there’s the cancellation of “Last Man Standing.” That’s a move that would be difficult for anyone to argue didn’t boil down to the show’s conservative appeal and the politics of lead actor Tim Allen.

If you don’t think there is bias and blacklisting of creative conservatives in Hollywood, your head is in the clouds. This is a serious issue and a dangerous time for artists who don’t toe the liberal cultural or political line.

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