Want a Pair of Muddy Jeans? They’ll Cost You $425

Forget a hard day's work, something millions of Americans know very well — instead, just fork over the cash

If you have an extra $425 lying around and want the appearance of having a labor-intensive dirty job without all the difficulties of actually holding one, you might be the person Nordstrom is targeting these days.

The clothing outlet has introduced a new product to its website that has consumers split: a pair of jeans with fake mud smeared across them — to give the impression of actually being used work pants.

The Barracuda Straight Leg Jeans features what the store’s website calls “caked-on muddy coating,” which will help customers get “down and dirty.”

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What makes the bizarre item even more out-there than it already appears to be is the price point. Why pay $425 for a pair of jeans like this when you could find a local factory or construction worker and hand him $20 bucks, all while he’d likely be walking away shaking his head at you in disbelief?

Has it really gotten to this point? Are there actually people out there so interested in adopting the stylized look of a hard day’s labor that they’re willing to fork over $425 without actually putting in that work?

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One would assume if people were interested in wearing muddy jeans, they’d find themselves the appropriate job, work a full day, and then walk away with both a paycheck and the latest in trending wardrobe — but that does not appear to be the popular thinking.

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Television host Mike Rowe is a man who knows about muddy jeans and likely owns plenty of pairs himself after hosting eight seasons of “Dirty Jobs.” In that show — which still airs — he took camera crews into some of the harshest, unique work environments in the country.

Unsurprisingly, the expert on dirty jobs had a thing or two to say about how muddy jeans have become the latest “look” in fashion.

“We finally got to the point where not only will people pay $425 for a pair of jeans, but they’ll pay for polyurethane fake mud that are put on the jeans. It’s like jeans for people who don’t have dirty jobs, but want you to think they have dirty jobs,” Rowe said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Monday night. Rowe also called the product on Facebook proof of the country’s “war on work.”

Oh, and don’t worry: In case you were concerned you wouldn’t have a fake muddied jacket to go with your jeans, Nordstrom is selling that, too. It’ll cost you another $425.

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