Trump’s Newfound Faith in the Oval Office

'The office is so powerful that you need God even more' when you're sitting in the White House, says president

President Donald Trump has increasingly referenced God in his public addresses.

“This Easter Sunday, Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ and the promise of eternal salvation,” Trump said in his weekly address on Friday. “It is a holy day of reverence and worship; it is a sacred time that fills the spirit of our nation with the faith of our people … America is a nation of believers.”

And most importantly, we will be protected by God.

For Easter, Trump and his wife, Melania, attended the Episcopal Bethesda-by-the-Sea Church in Palm Beach, Florida.

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“With God’s grace, life always triumphs over death, freedom overcomes oppression, and faith extinguishes fear,” Trump said in his address. “This is the source of our hope — and our confidence in the future.”

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Trump started off his presidency looking toward God.

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“During his inauguration weekend, Trump attended a private service at St. John’s Church, near the White House, and the national prayer service at Washington National Cathedral,” the Associated Press reported. “He has spoken about leaning on faith to serve in the Oval Office.”

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“The Bible tells us how good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity,” Trump said in his Inauguration Day speech.

“There should be no fear,” he added in January. “We are protected and we will always be protected. We will be protected by the great men and women of our military and law enforcement. And most importantly, we will be protected by God.”

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Trump has called on God in multiple settings in the short time he’s been in office. After the U.S. launched missiles into Syria this month, Trump called for God to bless the “entire world.” He also wished God’s blessing on newly appointed Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch last week.

Trump says he needs God now more than ever.

“The office is so powerful that you need God even more because your decisions are no longer, ‘Gee, I’m going to build a building in New York’ or ‘I’m going to do this,'” Trump said in an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody. “These are questions of massive life and death, even with regard to health care.”

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