Trump Unveils Seven Priorities Beyond His First 100 Days

President vows, 'We are just beginning' to 'make America great again'

President Donald Trump promised Americans, “We are just beginning in our fight to make America great again” during a rally Saturday evening in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, on his 100th day in office.

Instead of attending the annual White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner in Washington, Trump opted to be with thousands of supporters in a state that was crucial to his Election Day victory. After touting his administration’s early accomplishments, the president reaffirmed his commitment to putting American interests first.

“With hope in our souls and patriotism in our hearts, I say these words tonight on 100 days of devotion, hard work, and love for our great country.”

“I could not be possibly more thrilled than to be more than 100 miles away from the Washington swamp, spending my evening with all of you and with a much, much larger crowd and much better people, right?” Trump told the crowd. “The truth is, there is no place I’d rather be than right here in Pennsylvania to celebrate our 100-day milestone to reflect on an incredible journey together and to get ready for the great, great battles to come — and that we will win in every case.”

“Because make no mistake — we are just beginning in our fight to make America great again,” the president promised. “So I promised you in my inaugural address 100 days ago that now arrives the hour of action. And we’ve, believe me, started from day one. And that is what we’ve delivered — 100 days of action.”

“We are keeping one promise after another and, frankly, the people are really happy about it,” Trump added.

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Trump reaffirmed his laser-focus on overseeing the repealing and replacing of Obamacare. Although the House’s efforts have stalled thus far, the president said, “let me also be very clear in saying that we are going to save Americans’ healthcare and repeal and replace that disaster known as Obamacare, which is dying, dying, dying.”

“We’re going to get something great. We’re going to get the premiums down. We’re going to get the deductibles way down. We’re going to take care of every single need you’re going to want to have taken care of, but it’s not going to cost that kind of money. We’re going to bring it down,” Trump said. “We’re going to give Americans the freedom to purchase the health care plans they want — not the ones forced upon them by the government.”

Trump even singled out two of Pennsylvania’s Republican congressmen — Rep. Mike Kelly and Rep. Tom Marino — saying he would be “so angry” if they failed to repeal and replace Obamacare.

“I’ll be so angry at Congressman Kelly and Congressman Marino and all of our congressmen in this room if we don’t get that damn thing passed quickly,” Trump warned. “They’ll get it done. We know them. They’ll get it done.”

Trump said he would continue to end offshoring and bring back “our beautiful, wonderful, great American jobs.” He noted that his administration is taking steps “to renegotiate or cancel any agreement that fails to protect American interests.” He insisted that his continued directives “will put brand new Pennsylvania steel into the spine of America” as he slashes job-killing regulations.

As for the North American Free Trade Agreement, Trump promised to either renegotiate it or cancel it entirely.

“And we will renegotiate NAFTA, and if we don’t get a good deal and a fair deal for our country … we’ll either renegotiate or we’ll terminate,” Trump said. “And if it’s not a fair deal for our country …  we can’t allow it to happen. So we’re going to renegotiate and if we can’t make a fair deal for our companies and our workers, we will terminate NAFTA, ok?”

Although funding for his proposed border wall will not be present in the 2017 budget bill, the president reaffirmed his commitment to the iconic promise.

“We’re going to have the wall. Don’t worry about it …We need the wall to stop … the drugs and the human trafficking,” Trump said. “And we will build the wall as sure as you are standing there tonight.”

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Claiming that his administration is operating “on a very simple principle” of putting “the needs of American workers, American families, American companies and American citizens first,” the president promised the continued eradication of “criminal gangs and cartels that have infiltrated our country.”

“My administration will not rest until we have dismantled these violent gangs, and we’re doing it rapidly and we’re sending them the hell out of our country. We’re sending them back home where they belong,” Trump said before ripping into the Democrats for their refusal to support law enforcement and funding the much-needed border wall.

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“They don’t mind illegals coming in. They don’t mind drugs pouring in. They don’t mind … MS-13 coming in,” Trump lamented. “We’re getting them all out of here. Members of Congress who will be voting on border security have a simple choice: they can either vote to help drug cartels and criminal aliens trying to enter the United States like frankly the Democrats are doing, or they can vote to help American citizens and American families be safe. That’s the choice. Who do you want to represent you?”

Radical Islamic terrorists will be kept “the hell our of our country,” the president promised as he prefaced extreme vetting reforms, controlling who is allowed to enter the country and deporting those who pose threats to U.S. citizens.

“We have begun the process of rebuilding our military and restoring full readiness. We are also protecting taxpayer dollars,” Trump added. “We are going to bring education local and we are going to end Common Core … We are going to stop federal overreach and defend the God-given rights of every American family.”

There are so many reasons why Americans should be optimistic about the country’s future and their own futures, the president said as he predicted “cities small and large will see a rebirth of hope, safety and opportunity.”

“America’s children will be taught to love their country and take pride in our great American flag,” Trump said. “So with hope in our souls and patriotism in our hearts, I say these words tonight on 100 days of devotion, hard work, and love for our great country.”

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