After Outrageous Tweets, Leftist ‘Avengers’ Director Should Be Fired

Joss Whedon has openly disparaged women who disagree with him — what's up with the director of 'Batgirl'?

“If you’re someone who genuinely believes that women don’t deserve or aren’t as much as men, you’re like the plague. On the big history chart. You’re the plague … It’s just pointless and deadly.”

Those are the words of director Joss Whedon at an Equality Now dinner back in 2013. Would you like to know some of the more recent comments from the “Avengers” director and “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer” creator?

In January, Whedon tweeted a picture of Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law and now White House adviser, and wrote, “Hey, keep your eyes on this f***ing prize too. He’s a Voldemort in training, & unlike the Pekingese he married under, can play the long game.”

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The vicious tweet by Whedon — a “celebrated” feminist thanks to the prominent roles he writes for women — compared Ivanka Trump to a dog. Why? He doesn’t like the president. Whedon’s Twitter feed reads like that of a basement-dwelling troll who never sees sunshine rather than the respectful, thoughtful artist the press often paints him to be.

Ivanka Trump has not been the only woman Whedon has disparaged on Twitter. When actress Nicole Kidman suggested the country support President Trump after he won the election, Whedon tweeted an unflattering photo comparing Kidman to a doll. He said in his tweet, “Puppets for Trump.”

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Always one to top himself, Whedon also used teen cancer survivors as sexual props on Wednesday night as he took a cheap political shot at House Speaker Paul Ryan. “Tonight on White House Wife Hunt, Donny makes host P. Ryan give 2 more contestants the ‘Not a 10’ card,” tweeted Whedon, along with a picture of Ryan shaking a young girl’s hand.

[lz_third_party align=center width=630 includes=https://twitter.com/SpeakerRyan/status/857711914167808002?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw&ref_url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.breitbart.com%2Ftech%2F2017%2F04%2F27%2Fhollywood-director-joss-whedon-sexualizes-mocks-young-cancer-survivors%2F]

Let’s look back at that 2013 speech for a moment. “Misogynist. Misogynist — some people might not know where the ‘y’ goes in that word sometimes. We should reach out to those people. Education. But more importantly, misogynist implies very directly hate and aggressive action against. And most people will think of a misogynist as a sociopath, as an anomaly. Nobody is going to say, ‘I hate them.’ And quite frankly, many people — most people — don’t. As we all know, you don’t have to hate someone to destroy them. You just don’t have to not get it,” said Whedon.

[lz_ndn video=32298717]

If there is someone who needs an education in misogyny right now, it is Joss Whedon. This rich white male seems to think he has a free pass to insult women and use them as political props if they disagree with him. So offended is he at women who have differing political opinions that he will take to Twitter and attack them like an internet troll.

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Mind you, a major problem here is that Whedon was just hired by Warner Bros. to direct “Batgirl,” a female-led installment in the DC Cinematic Universe.

Some people celebrated this move, as Whedon so often talks up feminism and female roles in Hollywood. For instance, he criticized the 2015 science fiction blockbuster “Jurassic World” for creating a stereotypical role for co-lead Bryce Dallas Howard; she played an uptight businesswoman who is mocked by Chris Pratt’s more adventurous male character.

That sort of writing, apparently, is below Whedon — yet calling women “dogs” and “puppets” and using them to make sexualized political points is not.

“Batgirl” is likely a movie meant to push forward some female roles in the superhero genre. It is likely meant to be an empowering movie for young women, just as this summer’s “Wonder Woman” is. So why would a man like Joss Whedon be chosen to direct it?

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It should go without saying that if a conservative-leaning director like Clint Eastwood said the things Whedon is saying about women with whom he disagreed, he would lose a director’s job and be made to publicly apologize — probably more than once.

“I’ll be quiet for a bit,” tweeted Whedon. How sincere.

To be sure, Whedon did apologize for his latest comment. However, in true troll fashion, he sent out a half-hearted statement in which he basically stuck up his nose at those who scoffed at his disrespectful comments.

“So I tweeted something that inadvertently offended everyone except the people I was trying to offend. I’m sorry. I’ll be quiet for a bit,” tweeted Whedon on Wednesday night. How very sincere.

Whedon, in truth, is getting a free pass for his piggish comments because of his left-leaning politics and because the mainstream media like him. But leftist or not, he should face consequences for his words as everyone else does. He should be nowhere near a movie that is supposedly being made to inspire young women.

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