The Newest Planned Parenthood Fetal-Tissue Scandal

Abortion industry leader appears to discuss baby body-part sales — $50 per specimen, a 'low-end' price

The trafficking of human-baby body parts is not only a horrific thought — the practice is illegal.

Yet new footage from the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), a pro-life organization, reveals never-before-seen back-door interactions with an abortion industry leader.

Planned Parenthood had no reimbursable costs under the law.

Planned Parenthood is involved with “criminal trafficking and profiteering in fetal body parts,” claims David Daleiden, the CMP’s founder.

The center released a series of undercover videos, starting back in the summer of 2015, that set off investigations into abortion practices at clinics around the country. CMP released a new video on April 26. Watch it below:

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“Tell President Trump to hold Planned Parenthood accountable for their illegal sale of baby body parts,” a slide on the video says.

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Mary Gatter, former medical director of Planned Parenthood Los Angeles and the Pasadena affiliates, appears to describe in the video how much “specimens” cost — and the process to harvest them.

“You know, you have to pay a little money to use the space,” Gatter said, confirming that the purported buyer would send somebody to collect the fetal material.

“I did it in L.A., I’m committed to it, I think it’s a great idea,” Gatter said.

The Center for Medical Progress claims that when she was discussing the number of abortions at the Pasadena clinic, Gatter then asks, “What kind of volume do you need and what gestational ages?”

The “buyer,” after that, discusses with Gatter the pricing for fetal parts. “Yeah, $50’s on the low end, $50 [per specimen] was like 12 years ago,” Gatter said.

Last month, the group put out a video that shows Planned Parenthood officials describing how to “get” intact aborted babies.

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Planned Parenthood has labeled the videos part of a “smear campaign” and a “coordinated attempt to block women’s access to health care.” The organization claims no wrongdoing or illegal activity.

“To fight back, Planned Parenthood has filed 16 new lawsuits since July, including a federal lawsuit against the people behind the widely discredited videos, charging that anti-abortion activists engaged in an elaborate, illegal conspiracy in order to block women’s access to safe and legal abortion,” claims the Planned Parenthood website.

Daleiden and his colleague, Sandra Merritt, found themselves in a legal battle for using fake identities during the undercover investigation. The duo posed as employees of Biomax Procurement Services, a fake biomedical research company. A Texas judge dismissed charges against them in June 2016.

In March, California prosecutors charged Daleiden and Merritt with 15 felonies related to their investigation.

“Using heavily edited videos, extremists made now widely discredited and debunked accusations about our practices to facilitate fetal-tissue donation at a small number of Planned Parenthood health centers,” Planned Parenthood claims.

In the United States, fetal tissue cannot be sold for profit. Fetal tissue donations, however, are legal.

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“Fetal-tissue research has broad support in the research community,” the Planned Parenthood website says. “Today academic institutions and teaching hospitals across the country receive federal or private grants to support groundbreaking research using human fetal tissue on a wide range of conditions, including diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, spinal-cord injuries, hemophilia, leukemia, sickle cell anemia, cortical blindness, fetal aneuploidy, ALS, and others.”

Here’s where the controversy gets even trickier, and the lines more blurred.

“According to contracts and invoices, the real-life fetal organ and tissue wholesaler companies Novogenix, StemExpress, and Advanced Bioscience Resources all made monthly payments to Planned Parenthood based on the number of resalable fetal specimens the wholesalers’ workers could harvest inside the abortion clinics,” the Center for Medical Progress claims in a press release that came out Wednesday. “Planned Parenthood told congressional investigators it kept no contemporaneous records of actual costs for reimbursement under the law.”

The Novogenix contract with Planned Parenthood Los Angeles ensures $45 per donated specimen, according to CMP. Gatter oversaw the affiliate’s partnership with Novogenix.

“The fact that Novogenix, StemExpress, and Advanced Bioscience Resources stationed their own workers inside Planned Parenthood abortion clinics to perform the harvesting, packaging and transport of aborted-baby body parts demonstrates that Planned Parenthood had no reimbursable costs under the law,” Daleiden, the CMP project lead, said in a statement Wednesday.

“The volume-based sums that Planned Parenthood charged these businesses for baby parts are criminal trafficking and profiteering in fetal body parts,” Daleiden added.

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