‘Life Doesn’t Always Go According to Plan,’ Says Pro-Family Ad

'Beautiful' and 'rare' commercial for Principal Financial Group brings tears to the eyes of many viewers

The Principal Financial Group, a Fortune 500 financial-management company, has aired a new television commercial with a distinctly pro-life, pro-family message — a move that is highly refreshing in today’s abortion-centric culture.

The investment company, headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, released the ad, titled “Graduation,” in March.

The commercial shows the evolution of a couple’s relationship — and how they cope with an unplanned pregnancy. The first scene in the one-minute extended version shows a woman serving a man coffee at a restaurant. The relationship then progresses from there.

When the woman is shown holding a pregnancy test that reads “positive,” the man decides to drop out of school — and the couple has the child and raises their baby together.

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“In a world where abortion is celebrated, one company is rebelling with a powerful message — a message that Americans can overcome their circumstances to champion life,” journalist Katie Yoder wrote in Media Research Center’s NewsBusters.

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At the end of the ad, both the son and the dad graduate from college — on the very same day.

“Life doesn’t always go according to plan,” the text on the screen reads. “We can help you plan for that.”

Principal Financial Group managed $591.6 billion in assets at the end of 2016.

On Facebook, 8.5 million people have viewed the video; on the group’s page and on Youtube, the ad has over 1.5 million views. Just as the proud mom stands and cheers in the ad during the graduation ceremony, many viewers are praising the commercial.

“This commercial is absolutely amazing,” David Casper commented on the YouTube clip. “Truly moving. Brings me to tears throughout.”

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The comments didn’t stop there. “I love how a marriage is so positively portrayed as a partnership full of mutual support,” someone known as “Evan T” commented on YouTube. “Very rare nowadays.”

“It’s a beautiful story because it happens in reality,” Jeff Song from Centreville, Virginia, commented on Facebook.

Other viewers connected on a personal level. “This is what happened to my husband and [me],” Deirdra Chandler Tristan, who works at a hospital in San Antonio, Texas, commented on Facebook. “Our ‘surprise’ is nine years old now.”

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“This is the true story of my dad’s life!” SallyJo Goyke of Ashland, Wisconsin, commented on Facebook. “I know he would be proud of all of his children and grandchildren! And it’s all because of the sacrifices he and my mom made.”

In 2016, Doritos received heaps of praise for an implied pro-life message in a Super Bowl ad: It showed an ultrasound image of a baby dancing. The company, of course, also received a fair share of negative feedback — from the pro-choice crowd.

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