Bill Nye, the Eugenics Guy?

Why the TV host's suggestion this week of penalizing people with 'extra kids' is an affront to those of faith

Foundation makes all the difference. Your personal worldview, where life comes from and why we are here on this planet, really does start “in the beginning.” As has been widely reported and even mocked on social media, Bill Nye this week suggested that maybe families in the developed world should be penalized for having “extra kids.” After all, Americans emit more carbon than Nigerians.

Extra kids. As if human beings are like extra pepperoni on your pizza. As if a child were not a human creation formed by God, worthy of consideration and respect. As if life doesn’t matter.

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But, see, Bill Nye’s foundation is different from mine and probably yours. Bill Nye sees the earth as something to be not just cared for, but protected at every cost — at all costs. Something to be worshipped and left pristine. One can only assume, based on this comment, that Bill Nye values the earth more than the humans who walk upon it every day.

The world is important. All people live on it. We should take care of it. But the argument that the world should be preserved to the extent that people should be eliminated from it defeats the purpose of the planet. God made Earth for people. He set it in the solar system at just the right location, at the perfect angle, on its precise orbit.

To the Left, life is something to be chosen based on convenience. It is valuable only if it is deemed acceptable.

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Genesis 1:1 says that God created the heavens and the Earth. He goes on to create everything — oceans, land, fish, animals. And then He creates His masterpiece: Adam and Eve. He made them in His own image. He made them with souls. He made them for the very purpose of knowing them — because God values human life.

Call it naïve or old-fashioned, but the creation is the very beginning of understanding who God is and why we are here. The Earth was made for people, and people in turn should take care of what has been given to them. We are stewards of God’s creation, but that should not be confused with idolizing God’s creation.

The reasons for having children and the number of children vary. Some couples want to be parents; some are surprised to find out they are going to be. Children are adopted and accepted into families that are biologically not their own. Perspective on birth control and family planning tends to come from personal influences, sometimes financial but often spiritual.

In Genesis 9:7, God tells Noah and his family, “As for you, be fruitful and increase in number; multiply on the earth and increase upon it.” Can you imagine how Bill Nye would have responded to that command?

It seems that Nye’s agenda fits in well with the general thought of the far Left that undermines life and its purpose. To the Left, life is something to be chosen based on convenience. It is valuable only if it is deemed acceptable. It can be euthanized or aborted or limited.

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But all life is precious, from the moment of conception until the final heartbeat. Not just because of the beauty of the creation, but because of the Creator. The reason for life is to have a relationship with God, to know and worship our creator. By procreating, we experience in a small way the creation of life.

As a parent, one experiences the unfathomable love for another human being. Parents live as if our hearts beat inside another body. It a blessing beyond measure that no government body should have the right to even suggest controlling. As a society views life, so goes the morality of that society.

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Bill Nye’s view of life differs from my own. But we were both given the privilege of being born. The utopian existence of a world with no carbon emissions or concrete or structures may be lovely — but that perfect planet sounds like a lonely place without people.

Katie Nations is a working mother of three young children from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 

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