Actress Melts Down Over Dem Flop in Georgia: ‘I Want to Puke’

Hollywood backers of Ossoff react to special election outcome with disgust, denial

Despite spending millions of dollars and recruiting a bevy of celebrities to help his cause, Democratic hopeful Jon Ossoff failed to snatch Georgia’s 6th District away from the GOP outright in a special election Tuesday, and will face Republican Karen Handel in a runoff election most observers expect him to lose.

Needless to say, several of Ossoff’s liberal celebrity backers did not take his failure to win outright well.

“I want to puke,” tweeted Ossoff’s number-one celebrity cheerleader, actress Alyssa Milano.

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Later, she insisted to President Trump himself that Republicans should not count Ossoff’s failure to win outright as a victory.

FYI @realDonaldTrump, Republicans didn’t win. Ossoff (88.5) got more than twice as many votes than the Republican (35.5). #Fact #FlipThe6th” Milano tweeted later.

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While Ossoff did receive the most votes, he was the cheerleader of a united Democratic effort in a race against at least four prominent local Republicans and eight total Republicans. Overall, Republican candidates received more votes than Ossoff, suggesting that the runoff election is likely to tilt in Karen Handel’s favor now that the GOP will be unified behind her candidacy.

Although Milano might have been upset by Ossoff’s loss, at least she was paying attention. Actor and comedian John Leguizamo, another of Ossoff’s celebrity sponsors, seemed to be under the impression Ossoff had won. “Congratulations,” Leguizamo tweeted. “You made this happen! You are our blue hope! Lets do this in all 50 states! Yay! Wepa!”

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Of course, it’s possible Leguizamo really is that excited about the prospect of a runoff election the Democrats are almost certain to lose.

Some liberals even took to suggesting foul play led to the disappointment for Democrats.

“Ossoff being at 50%+ when a ‘bad card’ issue in Handel’s home county stopped all counting will make many question the result — whatever it is,” wrote Huffington Post columnist Seth Abramson in a tweet, which was retweeted by avowed Trump foe Rosie O’Donnell.

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