TIME Magazine’s Assault on Truth

Latest cover a perfect example of apocalyptic 'yellow journalism' in the Trump era

TIME magazine offered its declining readership a nostalgic dose of ‘member berries with its new cover. There’s no artwork or graphic, it’s simply red words against a solid black background, and it reads, “Is Truth Dead?” The cover is a knock-off of a 1966 cover, which asked the question, “Is God Dead?”

The cover story in this issue attempts to frighten readers and perpetuate the left-wing narrative that President Donald Trump’s Twitter account is all four horsemen of democracy’s apocalypse — something TIME magazine tried just two weeks ago when the cover article opened, “At 6:35 a.m. on March 4, President Donald Trump launched an attack against the government of the United States.” The line was a perfect example of America’s new yellow journalism, where tweets are grenades and red MAGA hats are armored tank divisions.

The correction cites no fewer than 17 factual flubs. That’s an untruth every 166 words, which makes it more fictional short story than article.

TIME magazine asking if truth is dead is like Brutus casually asking if somebody stabbed Caesar. Finding truth in TIME magazine is like trying to reach into a Pringle’s can for that last chip. Their apocalyptic overreaction to every Trump Tweet has become so commonplace that even Nate Silver can predict it.

Instead of “Is Truth Dead,” the cover should ask, “Is Truth Dead Yet?” Because TIME magazine has been trying to kill it for years:

1) Zeke Miller’s False Accusation Against the President (Where’s the MLK Bust?)
TIME was forced to publish a whole article explaining why their White House correspondent Zeke Miller — on the day of Trump’s inauguration — wrote a fake news report claiming a bust of Martin Luther King Jr. was removed from the Oval Office.

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But don’t worry, after Twitter exploded with accusations that the brand-new president was racist, Zeke investigated Ida Tarbell-style and got to the bottom of it.

Within minutes, when inquiries began to come in about the missing bust, Zeke reviewed videos and wire photos, and tried to find a member of the White House staff who could answer whether the bust had been moved. He found an aide who went into the office to check and texted Zeke at 8:10 p.m. that the bust was there. Two minutes later Zeke emailed a correction to a large list of White House reporters.”

I’m not a reporter, but I’m pretty sure the investigation should have come before the report.

The correction on Miller’s story reads, “An earlier version of the story said that a bust of Martin Luther King had been moved. It is still in the Oval Office.”

2) TIME’s 2016 Election Analysis (Donald Trump Will Never be President)
TIME spent the months before the 2016 election poisoning truth with articles like “Why Donald Trump Has Already Lost” and “The Reason to Believe Donald Trump Will Lose.” They have a map that was updated the day before the election, which predicts Hillary Clinton will win 323 electoral votes to Trump’s 215.

At TIME, “truth” appears to be measured by which talking head they like best. That’s why they constantly ran articles citing the wisdom of Nate Silver. If they’d have cited my wisdom instead, they’d have gotten it right. The day before the election, LifeZette reporter Jim Stinson asked me for my prediction, and I said, “I think it will all come down to whether Trump flips a Rust Belt state … It could go either way, but I think Trump has run a campaign geared more toward the Rust Belt than any Republican in recent history … I think people who want change will get out to vote in much bigger numbers than people who want the status quo, and the turnout will carry Trump to a narrow victory.”

Scour every article on TIME magazine’s website, and I bet you won’t find a single analysis like that one. It was a perspective that was totally ignored by mainstream media because it didn’t fit the press corps’ #ImWithHer narrative.

3) Humanizing a Murderer (Palestinian Terrorists Are People Too!)
In October 2015, TIME published an article called “The Desperation Driving Young Palestinians to Violence.” The article is the journalistic version of a sad violin for Bahaa Allyan. The story humanized Allyan and said he “was killed by Israeli security forces after allegedly trying to carry out an attack in Jerusalem.” In reality, Allyan was a terrorist who helped carry out a terrorist attack that killed three innocent people. Five months later — and after much pressure from the Israeli government — TIME updated the story to include the relevant information and noted that “This story has been updated to give a fuller account of the attack.”

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4) The Longest Correction Ever (Facts? We Don’t Need No Stinking Facts!)
After a 2,826 word article entitled, “Britain’s Class Divide: Can Oxbridge Solve Its Privilege Problem?” TIME issued a 545-word, article-long correction! The correction cites no fewer than 17 factual flubs. That’s an untruth every 166 words, which makes it more fictional short story than article.

The truth is that facts are subordinate to agenda at TIME, and truth is simply determined by how closely a story follows the greater narrative of the left-wing progressive agenda.

Where was the throwback “Is Truth Dead?” cover when President Obama was going around the country telling everyone they could keep their doctor and their plan? Why weren’t they writing an obituary for truth when National Security Adviser Susan Rice went on the Sunday shows falsely blaming an anti-Muslim YouTube video for the 2012 attack on Benghazi?

If truth is dead, all of truth’s family and friends are sitting at the funeral asking each other in a gossipy, judgmental whisper, “Who invited TIME magazine to give a eulogy?”

Eddie Zipperer is an assistant professor of political science at Georgia Military College and a regular LifeZette contributor.

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