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Why This Gym Is a News-Free Environment

Getting in a good workout is one of the more common recommendations for everyone. Physical exercise helps reduce stress and anxiety — including for those who still can’t get a grip on the results of the presidential election.

But even the gym has its limitations.

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A YMCA in Dunmore, Pennsylvania, has now banned CNN, FOX News, and MSNBC from its selection of TV channels after some political debates became a little too heated.

That’s according to WBRE, an NBC affiliate in northeastern Pennsylvania.

CEO Trish Fisher sent a letter to members recently announcing the decision. She mentioned several incidents in the gym  — one of which almost ended in a locker-room fight.

So the 24-hour news networks are now banned, at least for the time being, noted WBRE.

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Gym members are divided over the decision. Some are saying it’s taking things too far, while others appreciate the opportunity to get away from the constant cycle of political news.

Fisher, meanwhile, said the response overall has been “overwhelmingly positive.” The ban will stay in place and be reconsidered “if things calm down,” she noted.