McMullin Launches New Anti-Trump Stunt

Organization founded by failed NeverTrump candidate launches Russian hysteria ad

Stand Up Republic, the anti-Trump organization launched in January by failed neoconservative presidential candidate and former CIA agent Evan McMullin and his former running mate Mindy Finn, has run its first anti-Trump TV advertisements.

In an ad titled “Sunlight,” launched Tuesday, McMullin’s organization seeks to spread as much hysteria about what the ad calls “Trump’s Russia Crisis.”

The narrator then tells the audience that “the values of liberty, justice, and honor shaped America,” the clear implication being that President Trump is a threat to all three.

“Secret contacts, conflicting stories,” says the narrator, as images of former Trump adviser Paul Manafort and former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn appear on screen accompanied by a choice CNN quote — “Russia mystery threatens to consume Washington.”

The ad continues with CNN quotes and dramatic commentary. “Mounting signs of hidden ties and shady deals,” the narrator says. “Fear our president is compromised,” she continues.

The narrator then tells the audience that “the values of liberty, justice, and honor shaped America,” the clear implication being that President Donald Trump is a threat to all three.

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“Generations fought for freedom and presidents of both parties stood against foreign tyrants like Vladimir Putin. Why won’t Donald Trump?” the ad continues. “Tell Congress to name a bipartisan select committee to get the truth,” it finishes.

Viewers could easily be forgiven for thinking this “nonpartisan” TV spot came straight from the offices of the Democratic National Committee, and not a political organization founded by a self-proclaimed conservative.

“Evan McMullin and Mindy Finn founded Stand Up Republic to help Americans stand up in defense of the fundamental principles that have made this country the true home of liberty and a source of hope for many around the world,” explains the Stand Up America website.

“Our priorities will be to uphold the Constitution and defend the democratic norms and institutions upon which the protection of our basic rights depend,” it says.

But the new ad — not to mention Stand Up Republic website itself, its founders, and the timing of its founding — suggests the group’s only priority is creating anti-Trump propaganda. The only real questions are where Stand Up Republic is getting the money to produce such slick propaganda and if it will be effective.

At the moment it’s practically impossible to know where Stand Up Republic is getting the bulk of its money. The organization has existed for less than three months and is not even listed on OpenSecrets.org as a political entity.

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As for the Stand Up Republic’s effectiveness, some expect McMullin’s anti-Trump efforts to be as effective as they were in the election.

“Politically speaking, McMullin has never had any effect on anything in his career,” said Eddie Zipperer, assistant professor of political science at Georgia Military College. “I don’t think anyone in America hears about a political issue and immediately wonders, ‘What would Evan think?'” Zipperer said.

“I’d never even heard of his PAC until LifeZette asked me about it, so I’m thinking it won’t be a major player anytime soon,” he said.

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