ISIS Propaganda Shows Children Hunting Prisoners

Video footage reveals the devastation — physical, emotional, moral — in this war-torn area of the world

In a shocking propaganda video from the radicalized Islamic State, children are shown in training to kill and shoot at prisoners.

“There have been many horrendous propaganda videos produced by Islamic State, but the latest I have seen is genuinely the worst,” wrote Stuart Ramsay, chief correspondent for the U.K.-based news outlet Sky News.

In the video, the boys hunt handcuffed men; Ramsay notes that it “looks like a Hollywood film.”

“The video is important because it explains why these are not just errant youths,” he said. “They have been brainwashed, and they are deadly.” The young children in the video appear to be of elementary-school age.

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“One by one all of the prisoners are then shot dead,” the British tabloid The Daily Mail noted.

Recruiting children to the vicious cause is not new for ISIS. The extremist group has been indoctrinating children for some time.

As the Associated Press reported in 2015, “When Islamic State extremists overran Yazidi towns and villages in northern Iraq last year, they butchered older men.” The Yazidi are an ethnic and religious minority group in northern Iraq. The AP continued, “Many of the women and girls they captured were given to IS loyalists as sex slaves.”

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“But dozens of young Yazidi boys … had a different fate: the group sought to re-educate them,” the AP wrote in 2015. “They forced them to convert to Islam from their ancient faith and then tried to turn them into jihadi extremist fighters.”

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Tuesday afternoon on his Fox News Channel program, anchor Shepard Smith shared video of the fighting going on in Iraq. Alex Crawford of Sky News reported from Mosul, Iraq: “Civilians are desperately trying to escape the fighting, terrified by the bombings, but caught in the middle, running out of food and water as the battle rages around them.”

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While it was a year ago that former Secretary of State John Kerry declared ISIS was committing genocide against Christians and other religious groups in the Middle East, the issue is now becoming more mainstream, as more eyes turn to the problems at hand in this part of the world.

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As The Daily Mail noted in a January 2016 article: “What the West often fails to understand is that when the so-called Islamic State seized power in Syrian cities in 2013, it did not begin with military might. It simply colonized the schools.”

“Its emissaries were sent to schools in Aleppo, where they used money as well as forceful argument to persuade the staff to teach their extreme interpretation of the Koran,” the article noted. “This was the first building block of its ‘state.’” Some schools also act as military training camps, the piece added.