Fox News host Sean Hannity lambasted CBS News contributor Ted Koppel for exposing himself  as an “agenda-driven, opinionated, hypocritical” journalist on “Hannity” on Fox News Monday evening.

Hannity’s blistering retort was in response to a dig Koppel took at the Fox News host during an  interview that aired Sunday on CBS’ “Sunday Morning.” CBS aired less than two minutes of Hannity’s roughly 45-minute-long interview with Koppel, and the portion the network chose to air showed Koppel telling Hannity that he and other conservative commentators are “bad for America” because they have “attracted people who are determined that ideology is more important than facts.”

“Ted Koppel, he thinks he’s down the middle. Fair and balanced. A real journalist. Ted, you show in this clip you are not a journalist. You are very hypocritical here.”

During his opening monologue on Monday night’s “Hannity,” the Fox News host blasted both Koppel and CBS News.

“Now what Ted with really asking is this — are opinion shows bad for America? He thinks they are. Meanwhile, Ted was giving his opinion,” Hannity said. “He considers himself an impartial journalist, yet in what CBS News was airing he was doing exactly what he said was bad for America.”

“Now right here on this show, on ‘Hannity,’ I express my opinion because I am a talk show host, an advocacy journalist, if you will,” Hannity continued. “Ted Koppel, he thinks he’s down the middle. Fair and balanced. A real journalist. Ted, you show in this clip you are not a journalist. You are very hypocritical here.”

The Fox News host berated Koppel for indicating that the American people “can’t distinguish between opinion and news” before tying that condescending behavior to former President Obama’s and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s dismissive treatment of many Republican voters.

“Remember, [Obama] said people ‘clinging to their God, guns, and religion.’ Or Hillary Clinton, who said ‘ignorant, irredeemable deplorables,'” Hannity said. “Now, beyond this interview being a total waste of my time, it is a flagrant example of what I call ‘edited fake news.'”

“And now they produce a package taking shots at me, all while prominently displaying their dishonesty, bias, and total hypocrisy here for every viewer to see,” Hannity added. “I was just used as a prop to advance [Koppel’s] narrative, which is why only one minute and ten seconds out of the 45-50 minutes was actually used. In other words, it was one minute and that is the one minute that fit into their narrative. That is edited fake news.”

Hannity then ripped into CBS for the coverage it gave to Clinton during her 2016 campaign against President Donald Trump, noting that they exhibited the kind of “biased agenda” they criticized Hannity for showing while hiding under the guise of “journalism.”

“Did CBS ever expose all the Benghazi lies of Hillary Clinton? We did on this program. Did CBS ever cover in great detail how members of the media colluded with the Clinton campaign in this election cycle? We did here,” Hannity said. “How much time did CBS devote to this phony Russian conspiracy story, even though after eight months there isn’t a shred of evidence?”

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“Now, that’s the difference, Ted, between me and you. I’m honest with my audience. I don’t pretend that I’m fair and balanced and objective. You do,” Hannity continued. “And if you really cared about truth in journalism, how can you work for a network that only tells one side of the story? You know, how can I be bad for America when I’m offering the American people news and information nightly that your own network will not touch because they have an agenda?”

Noting that he is “very proud of the work” that he and his team do at Fox News, Hannity told Koppel that they “work really hard every day to bring this audience news and information that, well frankly, the rest of the media ignores.”

“So I hope you enjoyed your press coverage this weekend and covering how bad I am for America while editing out 99 percent of what I said,” Hannity said. “But what you really did is prove my point, that I’m right. You exposed yourself as agenda-driven, opinionated, hypocritical.”

“And you proved my point I’ve been saying since 2007 and [2008]. Journalism is dead in America, and we have an information crisis in this country,” Hannity concluded. “Now, Ted, if you and CBS News have the courage, release the entire unedited footage of the interview. Let America decide. Let America see the 99 percent that you didn’t want to air.”