The Catholic Church has adamantly and historically denounced the practice of abortion in all forms, based on the belief that all life begins at conception.

In direct opposition to the Catholic Church, Georgetown University — the oldest Catholic college in the United States — is allowing on campus the pro-abortion club, Medical Students for Choice (MSFC).

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The organization encourages “residency training sites with the intention of becoming abortion providers,” according to the group’s website.

The goal is apparently not to provide medical students and residents with the best skillset and comprehension to be the finest surgeons or providers of medicine. The goal of MSFC is to train future abortionists with hands-on experience. There are even workshops to provide training in the procedure known as “manual vacuum aspiration” on papayas (yes, you read that right).

Abortion is not simply the removal of a mass of tissue. It is the termination of human life. It is the brutal removal of an infant from the womb via chemicals, vacuum, or instrumentation. It is not a heroic act — but a horrific one. The idea that a premier Catholic university would harbor or even encourage such rebellion to traditional beliefs is appalling.

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The modern Hippocratic Oath taken by many physicians across medical schools nationwide states: “Above all, I must not play God.” Physicians pledge themselves to a life of service to treat those who are sick — not to take the viable lives of those who are the most vulnerable. At a school that has long had such a rich history of faith, the disrespect toward life is immensely disappointing.

In the report by TFP (Tradition Family Property) Student Action, director John Ritchie said, “Georgetown University, a Catholic institution, can’t claim to be committed to the sanctity and dignity of human life while allowing a club that teaches medical students how to kill unborn children.”

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Either the university holds to traditional, standard Catholic views — or it does not. There is no room for middle ground here.

Most people know the medical pledge attributed to Hippocrates: “First do no harm,” or in Latin, “primum non nocere.”Although not considered part of the Hippocratic oath, this pledge certainly sums up what should be the foundation of physician practice. This should be a profession focused entirely on healing, curing, and mending, not a calling to kill.

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Those who are pro-life must remain vigilant in standing for the unborn. Science continues to support life in the womb as does the foundation of faith that God is the creator of all human life. And the youngest, most inexperienced in the medical profession should certainly not be led astray at a university of such upstanding caliber.

Katie Nations is a working mother of three young children. She lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.