Disney strategically pushed the LGBT agenda this week by airing the first homosexual kissing scene in the cartoon “Star vs. the World” — followed by the dramatic announcement of an “exclusively gay moment” in the much-anticipated live action “Beauty and the Beast.” And as typical, if anyone is in any way offended or opposed to what the Left deems acceptable, that person is hateful.

The truth is, Disney has long flirted with homosexual characters in an “are-they-or-aren’t-they” context. There have been several effeminate male characters, theories, and gay overtones. And for the most part, this has been ignored by conservative Christians who still believe in traditional marriage.

Life Petitions launched #boycottdisney within hours of the “Beauty and the Beast” bombshell.

Over the last 10 years, Disney has raised the bar when it comes to storytelling, character development, marketing, and animation. And the company managed to do all of it without featuring a prominently gay princess or superhero.

Even now, the fact that the bumbling sidekick LeFou is the one who is gay is no great accomplishment, according to some in the LGBT audience. It’s not quite the same as the “Frozen” sensation Elsa coming out with a girlfriend, for example. But that’s the point.

This is a test of the conservative waters. How far can the media push things before the bottom line is affected? And it will be interesting to see how conservatives in middle America who most recently swayed the 2016 election react at the box office.

See, it’s difficult to politely decline this particular discussion. The time for passivity is gone. Because one side of the argument insists that homosexuality is natural and normal. And the other side believes that heterosexuality is the intention and creation of God, that marriage is between one man and one woman. It is a conversation that quickly grows heated and personal.

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However, the idea that a story, beloved by both adults and children, would be used to subtly introduce the idea that gay is OK is not OK. It politicizes what should be family friendly entertainment.

It’s extremely cunning of Disney to have advertised the film for months and months only to reveal a few days before its release that it is featuring a gay character. Children and families have long been anticipating the movie, only now to be challenged with the LGBT news. Will parents disappoint their kids by boycotting the movie? Will they dare to explain to their kids why they are boycotting it in the first place?

Life Petitions launched #boycottdisney within hours of the “Beauty and the Beast” bombshell. It makes sense. Maybe the issue is that the LGBT voices have been so loud, there’s no notion that anyone disagrees with them. Maybe Disney is that far out of touch with conservatives and indeed, with much of the country. Maybe it’s time to consider voicing opposition and demand wholesome movies that are just that: movies.

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Just as the media seem baffled by falling ratings of particular shows or stations, they do not understand why parents object to their children being inundated with messages that go against their personal faith. It’s simply because it’s insulting to ask for someone’s hard-earned money to see a movie — and then have that movie push an agenda.

Maybe it’s time people to speak up verbally and monetarily. Maybe the message needs to be sent that it’s all right to agree to disagree — but don’t expect surrender.

Katie Nations is a working mother of three young children. She lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.