Andrew Klavan on Conservative Artists: ‘We’re the Rebels Now’

Author talks about 'Gosnell,' his own Christianity, and why the culture is stacked against the Right

“Why haven’t we made a conservative ‘Comedy Central’? Why haven’t we made a conservative entertainment channel?” asked writer Andrew Klavan during a discussion of today’s pop culture with LifeZette.

Klavan is a best-selling novelist who has had his books turned into films like “True Crime” starring Clint Eastwood and “Don’t Say a Word” starring Michael Douglas. He’s familiar with fighting the culture wars, as he has always been open about his conservative leanings, which he now mainly expresses through a podcast called “The Andrew Klavan Show” for Daily Wire.

Despite Klavan’s successful writing career, he has faced setbacks in an entertainment industry that contains “no infrastructure to support” conservatives — and is loaded to the Left.

Klavan has faced setbacks in an entertainment industry that contains “no infrastructure to support” conservatives.

One of his books, “Empire of Lies,” was even temporarily canceled due to politics. “I got a really good contract for it in France and then the editor, who was conservative, left the publishing house. They canceled the publication of the book even though they couldn’t get the money back,” Klavan said in an exclusive interview.

He also revealed a company in England requested he remove all Bible references from a novel in his young adult “Homelander” series. “I had to turn them down five times before they left me alone,” said Klavan. The company told him they wouldn’t order as many copies of his book if he refused, and it turned out they weren’t bluffing.

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“They’re not preachy books,” said Klavan of his popular young adult series. “The heroes are openly Christian.” He described the faith in the books as an “aspect of character.”

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Klavan’s latest book took on faith much more directly. “The Great Good Thing” was released in September of last year and “it’s basically the story of why I became a Christian.”

Klavan was born into the Jewish faith. He became agnostic and even atheist during different periods of his life before turning to Christianity. “By logical thought, I became a Christian,” he said.

Despite being comfortable with “hiding behind fiction,” Klavan decided the story of his conversion was worth telling. “What really did occur to me after a while was that my personal story spoke into this world, where more and more atheism and materialism were becoming the default setting.” Klavan said his story of logical thought and how it led him to his newfound faith battles the cultural beliefs put forth that people of faith are “idiots.” “My story speaks against that,” he said.

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Along with his latest book, Klavan also took part in the writing of the upcoming film “Gosnell,” a movie about the abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell — who was convicted of murder. The film raised over $2 million through crowdfunding and recently screened at CPAC.

Despite positive word of mouth and a cast that includes actors like Dean Cain, the movie is having trouble finding distribution, which Klavan believes is a direct result of how today’s pop culture is skewed against conservatives.

Klavan said conservative films like “Gosnell” face challenges in getting entertainment industry support because the major powers that be and influencers all fit one mold — and it’s one unfriendly to anything conservative or against the grain.

“They [the liberals] have really taken over the flow of information and it’s damaging,” said Klavan. Supporting a film like “Gosnell” means “you won’t get an Oscar. You won’t get invited to parties.”

He continued, “Movies are where they were just before the ’60s hit, when they were still making movies for the ’50s, but they didn’t realize that this rebellion was on the way. I think that’s happening now. They [people on the Left] are all speaking with one voice, but it’s the voice of another generation. They’re being rebels for the time of the ’60s, while we (the conservatives) are the rebels now.”

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