Vodka for Your Hands, Vinegar for Your Washer

Novel ways to keep colds and the flu at bay this season

Get your flu shot, stay away from sick people — and wash your hands. That continues to be the best advice doctors and health experts are sharing to help us all avoid getting sick this flu season.

Doctors’ offices and emergency rooms are filling up nationwide as cases of the illness are skyrocketing. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports 25,000 cases of flu already in 37 states — and it is not yet peak season. Nineteen people have died, including three children this month.

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There are some other easy, important steps to take to keep viruses at bay. Washing your washing machine is a good place to start. These machines can be a breeding ground for salmonella and other germs. Bacteria and fungus can build up over time, especially in the seals of front-loading washing machines, CBS 11 in Dallas/Fort Worth reported.

Manufactures typically offer a specialized cleaner, but two tablespoons of white vinegar should take care of it. Pour it into the detergent cup and run it through the clean cycle once a month and you should be good.

Also, while you might want to avoid drinking alcohol to keep your immune system healthy, check out how CBS 11 suggests using it in the video above. Vodka can function much like a hand sanitizer — if you’re in a pinch.

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The liquor can both kill bacteria and dry without an odor. The video above offers a few other surprising ways you might ward off colds and the flu this season.

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