Three Best Super Bowl Movie Trailers

These films made their pricey pitches during the biggest game of the year

This year’s Super Bowl thriller with the overtime win for the New England Patriots reinforced yet again why so many people tune into the biggest football game of the year.

However, the televised game offers far more than just the sport of football. Among the “icing on the cake” entertainment are the halftime show and the ads — which include movie trailers most people don’t get to see before the big game.

Here’s a look at the three of the best movie trailers from this year’s Super Bowl.

“Logan” is reportedly the final time actor Hugh Jackman will portray the X-Men’s Wolverine. After 17 years, it looks like a surprisingly poignant farewell to the actor as the character. The trailer suggests a film more reminiscent of Clint Eastwood’s “Unforgiven” than other recent, goofy comic book fare. A mature drama may be just what the genre needs.

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“Life” proved that original films are still alive and well. While most everything coming out of Hollywood these days is a remake, reboot, prequel, or some other such retread, “Life” is actually a film based on an original science fiction script by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. The flick looks like surprisingly nonpolitical, and serves as a straight-up thriller. Suggesting a film close to classics like “Alien,” it looks like it might be a breath of fresh air from Hollywood.

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“John Wick: Chapter 2” earns a lot credit for creativity. Opening on Feb. 10, the hard-action movie is taking full advantage of opening on Valentine’s Day weekend — and of opening against the next chapter in the oddly popular “Fifty Shades” franchise.

“John Wick” is a film series that manages to be pure entertainment bliss, sans of politics. The advertising for the Keanu Reeves-starring film tells you everything you need to know about this non-preachy, fun action saga.

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