Schumer Snubs Gorsuch, Makes Time for Radicals

Senate Democratic leader refuses to meet with Trump's SCOTUS nominee

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said Thursday he would refuse to meet with President Donald Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, Judge Neil Gorsuch.

Schumer “dissed the federal appeals judge,” reported the Washington Examiner on Thursday. “Administration officials confirmed that Schumer and his leadership team won’t even grant Gorsuch a courtesy call,” it reported.

If Schumer truly wanted to “preserve our democracy,” as he claims, he would abandon his blatant political grandstanding

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Schumer’s opposition to Gorsuch appears to be centered on his belief that Gorsuch cannot be trusted to act independently of President Trump’s agenda.

“Now more than ever, we need a Supreme Court Justice who is independent, eschews ideology, who will preserve our democracy, protect fundamental rights, and will stand up to a president who has already shown a willingness to bend the Constitution,” Schumer said in a statement.

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This seems an odd concern, given Gorsuch’s solid reputation as a textualist and originalist. Schumer’s decision to brush Gorsuch off completely seems equally as odd, especially since Schumer at least pretended to approaching the nomination process fairly.

“We in the Senate have a constitutional duty to examine Judge Neil Gorsuch’s record & Democrats will insist on a rigorous, but fair, process,” Schumer tweeted on Wednesday. One wonders how exactly Schumer can hope to conduct a process either rigorous or fair if he won’t even meet with the man.

Of course, any notion that some sort of deep moral concern drives Schumer to shun Gorsuch is quickly destroyed when one looks at the groups and people with whom Schumer happily met in the past. Schumer may suddenly desire to see a judge that “eschews ideology,” but ideology has driven much of his activity in public life — including his decision to ignore Gorsuch.

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In the past, Schumer has been willing to share the stage with his second cousin, comedienne Amy Schumer, a foul-mouthed vulgarian famous for joking about her promiscuity, all in the name of stripping Americans of their Second Amendment rights.

The man who now claims to be concerned with preserving our democracy and protecting our fundamental rights has praised the Center for American-Islamic Relations, a thinly veiled Islamist group with apparent ties to Hamas.

“I applaud CAIR for its determination to continue to spread humanity around the world and to cultivate mutual understanding amongst Americans of all backgrounds and cultures,” Schumer wrote in 2015. “I know that the Council on American-Islamic Relations will continue to serve New York State and the nation for many years to come.”

In November 2016, Schumer announced his support of Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) to become the next chair of the Democratic National Committee. Ellison, a radical leftist, has been accused of anti-Semitism.

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In 2006, Schumer joined with two other senators — including Hillary Clinton — and community leaders and activist groups to publicly affirm their commitment to a federal minimum wage initiative. One of those groups was the now-disgraced and defunct ACORN.

If Schumer truly wanted to “preserve our democracy,” as he claims, he would abandon his blatant political grandstanding — which only fuels political polarization and division — and actually take his duty to vet Gorsuch for the Supreme Court seriously.

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