Rand Paul: GOP Must Deliver ‘Complete Repeal’ of ACA

Kentucky senator says skittish Republicans need to fulfill Obamacare promises

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) urged congressional Republicans to deliver a “complete repeal” of Obamacare, “root and branch,” during an interview Monday on “The Laura Ingraham Show.”

Paul, a former 2016 Republican presidential candidate, addressed the growing concerns congressional Republicans have been voicing after raucous protesters descended upon their town halls protesting repeal. Exhorting his fellow Republicans to remember their campaign promises, Paul maintained that nothing less would do.

“We won the White House on a message of complete repeal.”

“So I’m for complete repeal, root and branch, the whole thing. Not just part of it,” Paul told LifeZette Editor-in-Chief Laura Ingraham. “Let’s repeal all of Obamacare. It’s a disaster for our country.”

Noting that he walked out of a meeting on Obamacare strategy led by House Speaker Paul Ryan earlier this month, Paul expressed his frustration with House leadership telling members that they would be getting “Obamacare Lite” — which would retain different portions of the original health care overhaul. Paul said that simply wouldn’t do.

“And the point I made that we got elected in 2010, we took over the House because we were for complete repeal. We took over the Senate in 2014 because we ran on complete repeal. We won the White House on a message of complete repeal,” Paul said.

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“And I think the grassroots conservatives who elected us will not only be disappointed, they’ll be downright unhappy and justifiably so if we do not have complete repeal,” Paul said, adding, “let’s then replace it with market reforms that will bring down prices, allow more people to have inexpensive insurance.”

The Kentucky senator said there are several ways in which President Donald Trump and the Congress can “open the door” for “more of a marketplace” that will “empower the consumer.” And all of that relies upon the Republicans keeping their promises.

“There is a danger that part of Obamacare, even with a complete repeal, stays in place,” Paul said. “That’s why I’ve been saying over and over again — when you have … partial repeal, Obamacare will continue to get worse, and, in fact, may get worse even quicker.”

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“The downward death spiral of Obamacare continues … and that’s why I’ve been telling conservatives, we have to be for replacement also, whether Democrats will vote for it or not,” Paul added.

Saying that Obamacare will continue to “unravel” if a full repeal and replace never occurs, Paul predicted the continued destruction of the insurance markets. And if that happens, then Republicans risk becoming the center of the American people’s wrath.

“We need to make sure people understand this is still Obamacare’s fault, that we are for replacement — market replacements,” Paul said. “And if Democrats won’t vote for market replacement, they need to catch the blame of what’s going to continue to happen with the health care market.”

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