Parenting Tip of the Day: Feb. 2

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Good manners ae more than just social niceties to be used sporadically when company calls; they should become daily habit for even the smallest of children. “Behaving politely is a way of life, not just something you pull out when you’re at a wedding or fancy restaurant,” Robin Thompson, founder of and the Robin Thompson Charm School in Pekin, Illinois, told “It’s important to start as early as you can so manners become something a child does automatically, whether she is at home or away.”

Polite behavior will also help your child’s social development. Kids who aren’t taught social graces from an early age are at a distinct disadvantage — children do not relish the company of other children who don’t know how to share or take turns. “You wouldn’t send a child off to preschool without a healthy snack,” said Sheryl Eberly, author of “365 Manners Kids Should Know” and mother of three. “Sending her into the world without knowing social graces is equally problematic.”

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