Do Not Test-Drive This Tesla

Dangerous drug is regaining popularity on college campuses and in clubs across America

Automaker Tesla prides itself on quality cars. They are sleek, fast, powerful, and beautiful.

But the Tesla showing up on college campuses across the nation, as well as in clubs and in the hands of our kids, is not something you want taking them for a ride.

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Australia and Europe have been dealing with an unusually powerful version of MDMA, or ecstasy, for over a year now. The consequences have been deadly, and warnings have since gone out on the club scene in the U.S. The drug is at least twice as powerful as traditional ecstasy and is marked with the Tesla logo.

“People who make MDMA pills often put different logos on the face of the pill,” said Keith Graves, a drug recognition expert instructor from the San Francisco Bay area. “In the past, we have seen Bart Simpson, the Mitsubishi logo, or [the] McDonald’s [logo]. However, this pill has been reported to have a very large amount of MDMA in it. Some other samples have tested positive for opiates and even heroin in some others.”

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Students in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, told ABC 33/4, that the drug has been appearing on the campus at the University of Alabama.

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“Parents and kids need to keep in mind that they should never accept pills from other people,” Graves told LifeZette. “The Tesla pill is obviously not a pill made by a pharmaceutical company. When you look at it, it will obviously be a powder pressed into a pill. However, we are constantly pulling pills off drug users that look like a pharmaceutical pill — but are actually fentanyl or heroin.”

He added, “You don’t know what you are getting when you buy a pill off a person on the street. These drugs are often made in the basement of a house in unsanitary conditions — with manufacturers using inadequate measuring methods and no quality control.”

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