Hungary Gets It Right on the Refugees

The country, affirming a nationalist policy, proves that prioritizing victims of a genocide should not be vilified

As the liberal media fulminate over President Donald Trump’s “Muslim ban” — which is neither a ban nor directed at any one religious group — one European country has announced it will detain all asylum seekers while they await their appeals.

Hungary has affirmed a refugee policy that makes Trump’s ban look like Little Bo Peep.

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Hungary has been castigated by the media and various European leaders not only for refusing to accept the thousands of mainly Muslim migrants — but for erecting a fence (not yet a wall) to secure its borders.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán even called a referendum on whether Hungary should accept the E.U. migrant directive, in which the faceless bureaucrats in Brussels “parceled out” how many migrants each European country should be forced to accept.

The people of Hungary voted overwhelmingly — by 98 percent — not to accept the Brussels directive. After Brexit, that was another populist smack in the face to the increasing arrogance of the out-of-touch elites running the European super state.

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It’s not just Hungary, but the other members of the “Visegrad Group,” an alliance of four central European states, including Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, which have come out strongly against the E.U. diktats on migration. More importantly, this group has upheld the concept of the Christian foundation of Europe and the danger of mass Muslim migration.

As usual, the mainstream media refer to most of these governments as “far right.” It’s interesting that almost no one is ever referred to as “far left,” even when they echo the policies of Mao or Lenin.

“Far right” is now liberal code language for Christians. It includes those who believe in Western culture and those who question the wisdom of mass immigration of people from an entirely different religion and culture. This group has no democratic roots and is, in fact, profoundly inimical to the entire concept of democracy.

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Orbán has stated that the E.U. elites — secularists, mainly — want to “destroy the Europe that is based on the conception of Christianity,” and to “completely alter its ethnic-based foundations.”

Any evidence for that provocative statement? Perhaps going to the E.U. Constitution would be a good start, where the Christian foundations of Europe were not allowed to be mentioned, something that scandalized and horrified St. John Paul — and subsequent Popes Benedict and Francis.

As secularism has become the dominant philosophy in Western Europe — in politics, the universities, and the media — it is a powerful and encouraging sight that the countries that have only recently emerged from decades of atheistic oppression are challenging the life-destroying and culture-crushing hegemony of those attempting to force Europe to forget its foundations.

“Migration,” Prime Minister Orbán has said, “will have great consequences for Europe.”

That language is immediately condemned as racist or Islamophobic — rather like the words of President Trump.

This condemnation is, of course, the usual knee-jerk response to a rational questioning of the status quo; it is certainly not racist, nor an example of a hatred of Islam. To state a fact: Migration, particularly mass migration, will have consequences. Perhaps those consequences will be good; there would be more young families, more workers as Europe becomes, as Pope Francis has said, “sterile.”

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If, however, there is an antipathy toward the Christian foundation of Europe — and if the mass migration is predominantly from a culture and religion with a centuries-long hostility to Christianity and European “values,” it is worth questioning the policy. And it is a valid and coherent philosophy to oppose it.

The last aspect of this coherent policy and philosophy, enunciated principally by Hungary, but also by the leaders of both Poland and Slovakia, is the prioritization of Christian refugees. This is something also brought up in recent days by President Trump.

Once again, this sent the liberal elites into a frenzy, those who will never in their lives have to face being driven from their homes, their wives and daughters forced into sex slavery or forced to convert at gunpoint.

It’s so easy to be horrified at prioritizing Christians while sipping martinis in Manhattan or nibbling canapes in Quebec. Victims of genocide should be prioritized, and if Europe, or America is to take large numbers of migrants, they should share their philosophies and foundations, which are Christian. Hungary got it right.

Fr. Benedict Kiely is a Catholic priest and founder of, which is helping the persecuted Christians of the Middle East. 

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