Over a dozen people were shot in Chicago this weekend as violence in the Windy City continues to outpace what can only be described as a blood-drenched 2016.

Four people were shot to death and 10 more were wounded over the weekend, bringing the city’s 2017 homicide count to 103. By this time last year 101 people had been shot to death, reported the Chicago Tribune.

“What is going on there — totally out of control. Chicago needs help!”

“Seven people shot and killed yesterday in Chicago. What is going on there — totally out of control. Chicago needs help!” President Donald Trump tweeted last Thursday.

“Totally out of control” is not an unwarranted description. There have been 515 shootings in Chicago this year so far — an astonishing rate of nearly nine per day — compared to 466 by this time in 2016. In the month of February alone, 204 people were shot and 48 were killed.

On Monday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions expressed concern over rising murder rates in cities — especially Chicago — and promised to support law enforcement in its efforts to combat this skyrocketing violent crime.

“Some of the big cities have huge increases in murder rate and, so, it’s an unhealthy trend,” Sessions told reporters. “Nobody knows, but my judgment is this is not a blip, but something is happening out there and we’re seeing, I’m afraid, a longer-term trend of crime and violent crime going up, which is not what we want in America,” he said.

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“I’m really worried about Chicago with the surge in murders,” Sessions continued. “One of the metrics that has been reported in Chicago shows a dramatic reduction in stops and arrests in Chicago by the police department. That has got to be a factor in the increase in violence in the city,” he added.

“We’ve got to go back and make sure that our police departments understand that they’re being supported, both by the Department of Justice as an ally, and by the American people,” Sessions said.