Account of Brutal Assault in Sweden Points to Migrants

Horrific attack comes days after nation's politicians debate new funds to combat refugee crime

A woman was brutally raped in Malmö, Sweden, this week, and her account of the incident suggests the attack is the latest in an escalating number of sex crimes inflicted by Muslim migrants in the country.

The horrific attack occurred in the parking lot of the Mobilia shopping center at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday evening.

“I screamed for help but when I did he put a hand over my mouth. He brandished a large knife, the blade was probably 30 centimeters long, and I could only think about my children.”

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The woman — a mother in her 40s — had pulled into the parking lot to refill her car’s wiper fluid. Moments after exiting her vehicle, “I felt that someone pulled my jacket. It was a man with a black hat, black jacket and jeans,” the woman told local news.

“I screamed for help but when I did he put a hand over my mouth. He brandished a large knife, the blade was probably 30 centimeters long, and I could only think about my children.” The woman said her attacker spoke a foreign language she did not recognize.

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Malmö is one of Sweden’s most notorious “no-go zones,” a crime-ridden Muslim migrant ghetto so dangerous even police officers fear to venture into it.

The brutal rape comes only days after Swedish opposition politicians demanded the government invest millions of dollars in police forces already struggling to cope with the shockingly high levels of migrant crime — and only weeks after a group of Muslim migrants live-streamed the gang rape of a native Swedish woman over Facebook.

“He tore off her clothes and lay down on top of her,” Josefine Lundgren, who witnessed the gang rape as it was happening, told the Swedish press. “My heart broke,” Linda Johansson, another witness, told Swedish Television News.

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“They put the girl in front of the camera, but the guy who filmed tried to persuade her to deny she had been raped,” Johansson continued. “He was putting words into her mouth. He was taunting and laughing throughout the whole clip.”

Sweden has been hard hit by the migrant crisis. In July 2016, it was reported that police were investigation over 40 rapes and sexual assaults at two different music festivals in the country. A majority of the victims described their attackers as foreign.

In March of that year, a 29-year-old woman, Nathalie Hager, was viciously attacked by a group of Arabic-speaking men. “They pushed me down on my stomach and dragged me by my hair up a paved hill and into an alley,” Hager told Swedish newspaper Fria Tider (Free Times).

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“I have no memories of them beating me, but my face is all blue and swollen. They also cut into one of my breasts with something that must have been a carpet knife or a razor blade; the wounds are long and narrow. I also have big black marks on my arms where they held me,” she said.

“Then I came around and noticed that they had ripped up all of my clothes. Somehow I managed to get away, I guess I must have beat them and clawed my way free because my hands are blue and black and swollen,” Hager continued.

Hager also described the racial abuse she received at the hands of her attackers. “It was only dirty words. ‘Swedish wh*re’ or ‘Swedish sl*t’ and ‘c*nt’. No full sentences. In my impression, they spoke no Swedish except these words, so I assume they were asylum seekers.”

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