U.S. Flag Hijab a Symbol of Left-Wing Hypocrisy

Liberals outraged at Trump gave a dictatorial Obama and Islamist apologists a free pass

If the Left’s reaction to President Donald Trump’s first 12 days in office suggests a propensity for hysterics, it positively proves a near-pathological tendency for hypocrisy.

And there are few things in this world that illustrate so perfectly liberals’ hypocritical predisposition better than the image of women protesters wearing an American flag hijab.

“In giving Obama free pass after free pass because he was on ‘their side,’ the Left and their allies in the mainstream media have lost all credibility.”

An image of the hijab protest, designed by Shepard Fairley of Obama poster fame, first appeared in The Washington Post on Inauguration Day and became an unofficial symbol of the Women’s March the following day — during which women donned American flag hijabs in solidarity with their “Muslim sisters.”

Recently, the image has become an unofficial symbol of resistance to Trump’s temporary travel ban.

First, the obvious. That “Women’s March” held ostensibly in defense of women’s rights would adopt as a banner an image that depicts a very tool of female oppression is simply stunning.

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Of course, the American Left’s dedication to women’s liberation is nowhere to be found when it comes to appeasing the anti-feminist tenets of Islam and advocating the mass migration of non-Western people, whatever their views on women’s rights may be.

Hence the same Women’s March that banished a pro-life feminist group from participating was also co-sponsored by CAIR — which has been quite explicit about Islam’s opposition to abortion and has a history of defending radical Islamists.

It also featured as a speaker Linda Sarsour, a radical activist and Islamist apologist who was so angry that anti-Sharia activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali dared speak out against the evils of radical Islam that she called on Twitter for the removal of Ali’s reproductive organs. Ali is a victim of genital mutilation.

The American flag hijab also conjures up images of 1960s anti-war protesters. While Americans today are accustomed fully to people wearing Old Glory garb, at the time patching one’s Levis with the Stars and Stripes was considered extremely disrespectful — and it would indeed be a mistake to think today’s protesters adoption of the flag is a result of some newfound patriotism.

Ideologically speaking, the protesters now using the flag to protest Trump’s actions are effectively the same ones who only weeks ago were burning it to protest his election.

Hypocritical imagery and political alliances aside, the very protests themselves emit the strong smell of hypocrisy. Consider the following.

The legions of liberals who not too long ago were freaking out about the dangers of fake news are calling the travel ban a “Muslim ban,” despite over 80 percent of the Muslim world being unaffected.

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The legions of liberals who are calling Trump’s ban heartless, shameful, and an embarrassment to American ideals were silent for the last eight years as Obama was running roughshod over the Middle East like it was his own personal sandbox — deposing dictators (or trying to, anyway), droning civilians, and assassinating U.S. citizens. Oh, and they didn’t make a peep when Obama suspended all immigration from Iraq for six months.

The legions of liberals who are asserting that Trump’s ban and his subsequent firing of acting Attorney General Sally Yates represents some unprecedented attack on checks and balances were also silent for the last eight years, as the Obama administration dramatically expanded the reach of the federal government, circumvented Congress with executive actions at every possible opportunity, and used the IRS to harass political opponents.

The simple fact is that in giving Obama free pass after free pass because he was on “their side,” the Left and their allies in the mainstream media have lost all credibility and moral authority when it comes to criticizing Trump. Their insistence on adopting an American flag hijab as a protest symbol only affirms that lack of moral credibility.

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